Archdiocese of Chicago – eLearning

Catapult Learning, in partnership with the Archdiocese of Chicago Schools, are offering an online school (eLearning) to support students who are not able to re-enter their school building due to various challenges.

Highly qualified online educators will teach core online classes, lead enrichment and educational activities, and connect students to their Catholic school community. Catapult’s team will partner with the Archdiocese to follow grade-level scope and sequences so students can remain academically aligned with their peers.

All parents interested should contact their school directly for enrollment.

Program Details:

This program option will be available to students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The eLearning day will be comprised of teacher-led online lessons, as well as self-guided non-virtual lessons to allow for a combination of screen time and independent work. Many opportunities are available for enrichment. We are offering fun opportunites for students to be engaged in throughout the year. We take student needs and suggestions, as well as best practices into account.

Catapult will manage enrollment through phases during the school year. Enrollment will have three phases/trimesters.

Catapult will provide the following curriculum and materials:

  1. Courses: Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Many opportunities are available for enrichment. We are offering fun opportunities for students to be engaged in throughout the year. We take student needs and suggestions, as well as best practices into account.
  2. Catapult Learning Virtual Curriculum Designed for Archdiocese Academic Scope and Sequence
  3. *Borrowed Chromebook device for the program

Enrollment will have three phases/trimesters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Register for the eCourses at your child’s local Catholic school as you would normally. Your school’s principal will enroll your child in the eCourses as soon as the registration is complete. eClasses will start Tuesday, September 8th.

Yes, the program is designed to be full-time enrollment. And the eCourses will be offered from Kindergarten through eighth grade.
It is recommended that your child has a quiet and clear space at home that he or she can go to every day for virtual instruction. Your teacher will create a regular schedule so virtual learning will become routine and structured.

The subject material covered will be Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Many opportunities are available for enrichment. We are offering fun opportunites for students to be engaged in throughout the year. We take student needs and suggestions, as well as best practices into account.

eLearning Calendar will be based on Trimesters and may not match all school calendars.

Your Catholic school’s posted tuition and fees will remain the same for the eCourses since you are opting for the eCourse delivery of instruction.

Highly qualified and certified teachers will be delivering instruction.

Research-based curriculum and lessons will be provided for all subject areas such as Catapult Learning and StrongMind (subjects and content area may not match eLearning schedules).

A device can be loaned to you and your student for use in this program. All loaned devices are expected to be returned upon completion of the program.

All computer software will be provided by the program and the school.
If a technical issue arises a technical support team is in place to rectify the problem. All families will receive technical helpline contact information.
All school-based resources are still available for you and your child/children.
Your child will be enrolled in the same Archdiocesan assessments as their peers. For grades K-2, students will take the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessments and for grades 3-8, students will take ACT Aspire. Depending on testing requirements, the administering of these tests might need to be done at your child’s school. As more information becomes available about testing, your local Catholic school team will reach out with information.

A virtual learning schedule is not the same as a traditional school schedule. Time will be spent between synchronous, teacher-led instruction and asynchronous grade level work through independent projects and assignments. Teachers will provide whole group instruction and additional support as needed.

Grades K-5 will participate in up to 2 hours of live virtual instruction per day and Grades 6-8 will participate in up to 3 hours of live virtual instruction per day.

Teachers will notify students on due dates for projects and assignments. If extenuating circumstances arise, you will need to communicate this with your child’s teacher.
Students for the program are from many schools throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago and are grouped by grade level.

Your child/children will turn in homework, writing assignments, complete projects and take online quizzes. Work will be submitted through Canvas. Teachers will grade projects and written pieces.

Your child will have all the additional support necessary from their online teacher. You also will have the ability to communicate with the classroom teacher from your school as well.

Teachers will remain in consistent communication with parents via email and through Schoology. Grades and assignment feedback will also be posted and available through Schoology which will allow parents to stay connected and informed. For younger students, parents may need to be more involved to help their students get ready to learn. As students become more comfortable with e-learning, they typically need less parent engagement.

Just like if your child was enrolled in in-person instruction, start by contacting your child’s teacher. If you are unable to resolve the issue or concern, contact your child’s principal and/or the liaison for the Office of Catholic Schools.

Your child’s teacher will ensure ISP goals are incorporated into the online learning process as well as with their assignments and projects. Ongoing monitoring for progress will also be communicated with parents.
Some activities may be permissible depending on the activity and the situation which necessitates your child to be part of a virtual program.
Parents can enroll at several points during the year, but once enrolled, they must stay enrolled for an entire term.

About Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning, a division of FullBloom, provides intervention programs for students and professional development solutions for teachers in both public and nonpublic K-12 schools. Our 5,000 educators deliver evidence-based programs that include student instruction, family support services, and professional development designed to help teachers’ efforts to successfully integrate proven practices into the classroom. Executed by a team of experienced coaches, our professional development services strengthen the capacity of teachers and leaders to raise and sustain student achievement, improving education and overall quality of life. Intervention programs support struggling learners with instruction tailored to the unique needs of each student. Across the country, Catapult Learning partners with 500+ school districts, including 18 of the 20 largest, to produce positive outcomes that promote academic and professional growth. Additionally, Catapult has strong partnerships in place with the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity and the Center on Teaching & Learning at the University of Oregon.

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