What is the best way to spend EANS funds?

If you received your EANS allocation, it’s time to decide how to best allocate those dollars in order to make the biggest impact on your schools. Of course, each school has different priorities and needs to address, and EANS funds can be used on a wide range of programs and services so there’s no true blanket answer to the question of “How should I spend my EANS funds?” Catapult Learning has developed an Accelerated Learning Program, designed to meet the needs of schools receiving EANS funds. To learn how we can meet the specific needs of your school, schedule a call [...]

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What are California’s Minimum Requirements for Percentage of Low-Income Families Enrolled and COVID Impact?

From the CDE Website: 20 percent has been identified as the threshold the State will use to determine if a NPS enrolls a significant percentage of students from low-income families. In order to arrive at this threshold, the CDE calculated the aggregated sum of students who reported low income counts by the total enrollment across the CRSSA EANS schools. This percentage would provide emergency assistance and services to more students by allowing a larger number of private schools in California that have been impacted by the COVID-19 emergency to apply under the ARP EANS program. The CDE will accept one or [...]

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Federal guidelines suggest that third-party vendors can be selected for schools. However, in some states, intermediate units push back on this suggestion and say that procurement procedures must be followed, even though the federal programs offices rule that schools’ requests must be met. Is the EANS program exempt from procurement procedures?

The EANS program is not necessarily exempt from normal state procurement procedures. This varies state to state, however. The U.S. Department of Education suggests that this is state-level issue in terms of which state procurement rules need to be applied.

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