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Hawaii School Partnerships

Address the learning needs of Hawaiian students by partnering with Catapult Learning. We are dedicated to providing education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for students, regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they may face. Utilizing a suite of proprietary, research-based programs, Catapult Learning works with students and teachers to achieve sustainable academic gains. Our local support team ensures your program efficiently integrates into your existing school operations and partners with you throughout program implementation. Personalized small group instruction sets students up for success while professional development coaching and transformation services strengthen the capacity of your school leaders and teachers.

  • Implementation is tailored to the needs of your school community. Services may be provided during school, after school, and over the summer

  • The depth of our service catalog allows services to be customized to address the challenges you face and the goals you set

  • Our local team has a deep understanding of the challenges your facing and provide support throughout the duration of our partnerships

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Catapult Learning Programs

Comprehensive Portfolio: The Catapult Learning Difference

To ensure an efficient implementation and integration with your school curriculum, our instructional programs are turnkey, including a proprietary curriculum created by our team of academic experts. Lesson materials are included to complement our engaging activities while trained instructors lead the program before, during, or after school. Professional development programs are also available to build the capacity of your school teachers and leaders.

Program Spotlight: STEM

Provide a hands-on, exploratory learning experience to your students. Our newly released STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, focused on drawing a connection to real-world application.

  • Based on the Engineering Design Process, developing student critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Combines hands-on, project-based learning with a collaborative and engaging curriculum

  • Develops students’ 21st century skills they’ll use across academic disciplines and in real-world application