Mississippi Math Coaching

In partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education, Catapult Learning is providing a statewide professional development and coaching program designed to strengthen mathematics instruction in K-12 classrooms across Mississippi.

Aligning our research-based coaching model to the statewide Math Protocol (the state’s standard for math PD, coaching, and instruction in public mathematics classrooms), our team of experienced coaches is set to deliver in-person and virtual professional learning to K-12 math teachers in more than 30 sites across the state over the next four years.

Catapult Learning provides education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for students, regardless of the learning obstacles or other challenges they face. Our team of over 5,000 educators works to achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through evidence-based programs that include student instruction and family support services, professional development, special education, and alternative education programs. Utilizing a suite of proprietary, research-based programs, Catapult Learning works with students and teachers in public and non-public schools throughout the country and around the globe.

The Catapult Learning Difference

When you partner with Catapult Learning for professional development, you experience:

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Sample Workshops

For: K–12 Teachers of Math (grouped flexibly)

In 2014, NCTM (the National Council of Teaching Mathematics) articulated the essential practices of strong math instruction. This workshop provides educators a broad but valuable opportunity to reflect on these areas. Participants will:

  • Distinguish eight teaching practices that describe what effective math teachers do
  • Clarify them with examples and non-examples
  • Analyze a classroom video using these practices as lenses
  • Reflect on current math instructional strengths and set goals for growth

For: K–12 Teachers of Math

Today’s math standards emphasize conceptual understanding as the foundation for procedural fluency and application. To address this important component of math teaching, participants in this workshop will:

  • Break down what “deep understanding of math” really means and why it matters
  • Structure math learning as a sequence of stages
  • Represent math using concrete, representational, and symbolic forms for a range of topics
  • Build fluency out of conceptual understanding instead of despite it
  • Self-assess and plan to improve the depth to which they teach each grade-level topic/standard

For: K−12 Teachers of Math

This introductory workshop seeks answers to two key questions:

  1. What do good problem solvers think about?
  2. How can we teach students to be better problem solvers?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Break down the process of problem solving into a protocol of questions
  • Help students gradually develop independence as problem solvers
  • Become more conscious of a wider range of problem-solving strategies
  • Detect and address student errors using purposeful questions and evidence of their thinking

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