Giving Each Student a Chance to Succeed

At the Center for Autism & Dyslexia in Findlay and Lima, our certified teachers and staff provide individualized academic and behavioral interventions for students (ages 3–21) who have not found success in the traditional classroom due to a variety of intensive special needs or behavioral issues. Our students come to us with a variety of special education classifications, including Autism, specific learning disability, emotional disability, other health impairments and more.

Both of of our locations accept students who are part of the Autism Scholarship Program and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

Our student-centered approach creates an individualized educational experience delivered in small, structured learning environments. We focus on fostering our students’ emotional growth, increasing their academic, language, and behavioral competencies, and enhancing their natural strengths.

As you prepared for the new school year, we invite you to schedule a tour with us or reach out for more information about our program today!

Providing Peace of Mind to Families

When our students first come to us, one thing their parents have in common is a fear of the phone ringing.

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