Supporting Districts in Delivering Special Education Services

Students with disabilities and their families are the hardest hit by the pandemic. These are the families who simply can’t afford to see services decline. These are the kids who come to school and put in the time and effort to overcome a myriad of challenges – from learning disabilities and behavioral and emotional issues, to a changing world that can be hard to grasp amid a global pandemic. This is not easy. So what can be done? At Catapult Learning, we believe every child has a path to success. We partner with districts and families to uncover these previously unimaginable paths.

We Can Help:

  • Compensatory Education Services
  • Compliance with IDEA and IEPs
  • Virtual Instruction and Related Services
  • Extended School Year Support
  • Intervention, Recovery, and Remediation
  • Support Educators in Meeting the Needs of All Learners
  • Address Significant Disproportionality

All FullBloom programs, whether delivered virtually or in-person, are designed to include a holistic experience for students, composed of targeted instruction as well as Social-Emotional Learning activities that encourage personal growth.

COVID Recovery:

Our certified teachers provide 1-to-1 and small-group instruction or tutoring as part of recovery, compensatory, and/or ESY programming.


Our counselors and social workers provide counseling, resources, case management, and consultation to support students’ behavioral, social, and emotional challenges in order to improve academic performance.

Partnership Classrooms:

In partnership with SESI, Our In-District Classrooms (IDCs) provide small, highly-structured therapeutic learning environments designed to meet the needs of students with intensive academic, behavioral, and language needs.

Specialized Services:

Our credentialed professionals work with families to address any speech, language, OT and PT needs.

Coaching & Professional Development:

Our job-embedded coaching, coupled with a sequence of trainings, enables the implementation of new ideas and effective, evidence-based practices that help teachers and leaders better support students with special needs.

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