Keep Learning Alive This Summer!

Summer Journey combines all the kid-friendly summer fun with exciting, hands-on learning opportunities. When kids like yours participate in this program, they enjoy a safe, low-pressure, education-first environment that truly gives them a leg up for fall. These amazing educational opportunities and awesome activities are open to all eligible K-8 students for FREE!

Summer Journey uses academic instruction, STEAM and enrichment projects, and family support elements to deliver a program that students, parents, and educators LOVE! Watch this video to learn more about it and see the impact we make for thousands of students!

2024 Registration

To access your unique program scheduling information, and registration details, select your school or school district.


Long Island, (St. Mary’s, Our Lady of the Hamptons and Portledge School only)


SDA, (High School, Northeastern Adventist Academy)

SDA, (Greater New York Conference)

It’s CONVENIENT for you!

• Local Instructors

• Flexible Schedules

• Customized, Small-Group Lessons

It’s FREE for families!

• FREE For Families to Register

• FREE Learning Materials

• Available Family Support Services

It’s FUN for kids!

• Exciting Field Trips

• Hands-On STEAM Projects

• Movement Breaks Like Stretching, Dancing, and Yoga


Building foundational knowledge in literacy and math

Co-Curricular Activities

Bringing the classroom into the real world

Hands on Learning

Fostering critical thinking with creativity

Enrichment Activities

Strengthening problem solving skills


Supporting parents as caregivers and educators

What Parents Have to Say!

“My son was so excited about school during the summer, it’s unbelievable how enthusiastic he was about joining and meeting with his teacher and friends. I was happy to see the teacher’s patience, ability to engage the students virtually and were so pleased that we were provided with the materials for science.”

- Summer Journey Parent

“I signed my second grader up so that we would still use our brains this summer. The program was perfect! It is the perfect amount of time, and the curriculum was age appropriate. My daughter had a blast with Ms. Golumn and was so sad when it ended.”

- Summer Journey Parent

“The summer program was an asset to my son continuing to work and having a schedule during time off. The program reinforced material that was taught during the year.”

- Summer Journey Parent

“I was happy to see the teacher’s patience, ability to engage the students virtually and were so pleased that we were provided