Announcing the September 2017 Educator Spotlight honorees! Congratulations to our educators.

The Educator Spotlight is a monthly feature on our Catapult Corner Blog. The educators that are highlighted are nominated by their colleagues in recognition of the positive impact they have on children and schools throughout the country. They are our very own shining stars!

  • Elizabeth Lewis – Dayton, OH
  • Andrea Nunn  Teacher – Antioch, CA

Andrea Nunn – Teacher

“As a second-year teacher, Ms. Nunn has demonstrated both a passion for working with the students in her class and attention to detail in meeting and exceeding the expectations associated with her job responsibilities. Ms. Nunn decorated her classroom with Harry Potter-themed decorations and divided her classroom into the three famous “houses.” Her students are engaged more than ever and show their excitement in their positive involvement in classroom activities. Her lesson plans are always creative and well-thought out. She maintains a positive attitude when working with both parents and district officials and is well liked by all of our students.” – Millad Nooraei, Associate Director, Sierra School of Antioch and Bruno Diaz, Director, Sierra School of Antioch

  • Antioch, CA
  • Multi-subject elementary 
  • Simpson University (B.A), Liberal Studies, National University (M.E) Education (in progress) 

Why did you become a teacher?
I became a teacher because I love working and learning with children, and teaching is a job where the learning never stops. We constantly have to grow and learn different ways to keep our students engaged, and I have always seen teaching as a profession where you must constantly adapt and strive to do better.

What do you love most about teaching for Catapult Learning or at a Catapult Learning school?
What I love most about teaching for Catapult Learning is how I know everyone I work with is part of the team. Everyone is so willing to help each other run the program to the best of their ability.

What is your greatest teaching success story?
I had a student who previously was disinterested in school and known to not come because of this. He is now a student who hardly ever misses a day, raises his hand to participate in class discussion, and asks to cover specific topics. Seeing him come to school and ready and genuinely engaged in his own learning is the best success I could have.

What have you learned from your students?
I have learned the importance of developing relationships. We aren’t here to just teach them for a year or two and send them on their way. We are here to have an impact on their lives, and this means more than teaching them the basic subjects. It is important to not just talk to a student about academics, but find their interests and their goals. A new program I have been trying is having three different students a day sit and have lunch with me and genuinely find out who they and not only increase my relationship with them, but their relationships with their classmates.

Elizabeth Lewis – Teacher

“Elizabeth joined Catapult Learning about three years ago as a math teacher at Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR) School in the Dayton, Ohio, program. She is a true professional and goes above and beyond to provide her students with quality math instruction. She is consistently planning interesting lessons that will peak her students’ interest as well as meet their skill needs. She works with each student individually to ensure they are successful … It is always a joy to watch Elizabeth teach math. She has well-planned, appropriate lessons in which students are actively participating, challenged, and finding success.” – Sueann Marie Korb, Area Manager, Southern Ohio

  • Dayton, OH
  • Math
  • Elementary Education

Why did you become a teacher?
I became a teacher because I have always believed it is one of the most important careers in our workforce. No other profession molds generations of young people into the productive adults of tomorrow. This desire to help children and make change has always been my motivation.

What do you love most about teaching for Catapult Learning?
What I love most is teaching in a small-group setting.  I believe I am having a positive impact on the learning and development of my students. Without this intervention, they would not be able to succeed academically.

What is your greatest teaching success story?
I don’t feel that I have one particular story to tell. I do feel successful when I see my former students making contributions in their adult lives. I also feel successful when students I tutor do well in their other classes.

What have you learned from your students?
I have learned that students learn differently. What works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another. It’s my job to use different learning approaches in order to help all of my students be successful.