In September, Catapult Learning held the inaugural Back to School Sweepstakes. We asked teachers and supervisors from across the organization to tell us why they were excited to start the 2018 – 19 school year. The responses were overwhelming. Some teachers shared the thoughtful and creative prep work they were doing in their classrooms for their students, such as color-coding folders and filling up candy jars. We also heard about the bright smiles and eager energy that the students bring every day.

The winner was Tracey Coleman from The High Road School of Baltimore County.

In November, we visited Tracey and the High Road School of Baltimore County community and were thrilled to present Tracey and her students with a check for $500 for winning the Back to School Sweepstakes. The funds will go towards a basketball court for the students.

We hope that the passion, enthusiasm and excitement for learning, teaching, improving student outcomes and building our communities continues in 2019.