Devon Ford, Support Specialist

What’s a day at Sierra School like for you?

Every day, I work to set a positive tone for the day by greeting each and everyone one of our students. Not only does this allow me to give share a smile with each student every morning, I also take this opportunity to assess each student to best determine where I will be best served for support throughout the day.

What do you enjoy most about coming to school every day?

I truly expect something new every single day, and that’s exciting to me! I enter each day with the goal of helping others and working to create a positive impact on our students.

Can you give an example of a ‘Little Victory’ you’ve seen a student achieve at Sierra School?

There was a young student who started school with very low self-esteem. He started off on red, in terms of our level system and was quiet and withdrawn from most of his peers. Slowly, through the support of the entire staff, we slowly started to see him begin to open up, become more assertive, develop relationships, and turn his individual program around. He is now eligible to transition to a public school because of his improved behavior as well as his focus on his grades.

Can you describe something special about your team and the school?

I believe that each of us are focused on building a rapport with each of our students. By building this rapport, we’re able to focus on providing and individualized approach to each student’s needs. Each team member’s willingness to help out and be flexible is evident every single day. Everyone is willing to pitch in to get the job done and create positive outcomes for our students.