High Road School of Hartford Primary’s Mrs. Natalie Conley has been selected as staff of the Month for November!

Through a process where all staff in the building nominate a peer who exemplifies our CORE 4 values and has been an asset to the team, Mrs. Conley received the most nominations in the building. Mrs. Conley has been working with our school for the last 3 months as our school Social Worker and is responsible for meeting with students in both groups and individualized settings. Mrs. Conley is also in charge of keeping up communication with parents and programs of our students. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Mrs. Conley reports that she loves running group sessions with the students in Social Skills class. Mrs. Conley also reports that she loves seeing the impact that she has on the students when they request to speak to her about the problems that they are facing.

Staff members at our school have reported that Mrs. Conley works beyond expectations and always sees the best in all students and staff. Staff have also reported that Mrs. Conley is energetic and shows a clear passion for her position and for her students. Mrs. Conley is always available to help when help is needed and is often seen covering other classrooms when other staff members are busy.

Mrs. Conley represents our CORE 4 value of humility. Mrs. Coney reports that she believes that she represents this value because she knows that she is new and is still learning about how our school works. Mrs. Conley always acknowledges when she has made a mistake and is always willing to learn from it.

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