Jacqueline Carvajal, Assistant Teacher

Can you describe what your typical day is like?

Throughout the day, there can be many challenges, but I like to get through it the best I can, with a positive attitude. As an assistant teacher that are many roles that I play. That can include planning activities and counseling students to make better decisions or helping with cooking or cleaning up the classroom.

Can you give an example of a ‘Little Victory’ you’ve seen a student achieve at Sierra School?

I have a student in class who is starting to change his behavior bit by bit. At first, he started to follow directions, then he started to ask for help when he needed it or ask for a break when he’s mad. In the past he would just leave class or start fighting. Now, he comes and talks to me and tries to make the right decisions.

Is there something you wish people knew about Sierra School?

Our entire staff is a really good team. Everybody comes together and we make a good, happy team for our students. It’s clear that everyone, myself include, loves and cares for our kids. Everyone is willing to give that extra time and attention to the students. It’s also great to be part of such a support system for each of them.