Donnell T. is a 14yr old 8th grade student at High Road Lower School in Lanham, MD. Donnell has been a student at High Road for 3 years. Donnell has made a great deal of progress in a number of areas including, attendance, behavior, and grades. In the past, Donnell would often come late or miss school altogether. However, now Donnell regularly comes to school on time and ready to work. In terms of his behavior, Donnell behavior had previously shown a great deal of aggression (including fighting) and disrespect to staff and students alike. Now, not only does Donnell consistently shows respect to staff and peers, he is utilizing the self de-escalating techniques he has leaded including and asking for breaks when he is upset. Donnell’s making a big changes in his school work, and behavior, has resulted in a significant improvement with his grades. Donnell will has become a big help to his fellow classmates and to staff by assisting in the room and around the school. Some of Donnell’s jobs around the school include trash duty, sweeping, mopping, lunch disbursement, and bathroom cleaning. We are all so proud of the progress that Donnell has made!

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