When it comes to encouraging collaboration, assigning fun activities or planning new and exciting sensory breaks, Ms. Kavney does it all plus so much more. Ms. Kavney is one of our Elementary teachers and continues to set the standards high for our whole staff! Starting in July 2018, Ms. Kavney was quick to embrace the point sheet system and create her own unique classroom culture. Not only can we count on a strong academic presence in room 101, but we can also count on seeing students who are on-level and thriving in our program. We can always count on Ms. Kavney to meet deadlines, challenge her class and provide a positive support system for students in need. Ms. Kavney is supported in the classroom by Ms. Thomas and Ms. Freeman, both of whom have increased the productivity and accountability during every school day. This team is a force to be reckoned with. We are so thankful to have Ms. Kavney on our team here at the High Road Lower School!

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