Andy Correa, a 7th grade student has been selected to be High Road Hartford Primary’s student of the month for February, 2019! Andy is new to our program this year. Andy is a very hard worker who gets along well with all of his peers and staff members. Staff who work with Andy say that he is pleasant to have in class and is an excellent helper with tasks that have to get done around the classroom. Andy has had very few time outs this year and is very good about using positive coping and communicating skills when upset or frustrated. Andy has been on gold level recently When asked why he believes he was nominated for student of the month, Andy stated that he thinks it is because he is a hard worker. Andy has also reported that he has learned that when he does get upset or frustrated, he can take space and this is one of the things that he likes about our school. Andy has stated that he really appreciates that staff will encourage him to take space if he needs it. Andy strives to continue to be successful through the rest of the year by completing his work and continuing to show respect to staff and peers. Way to go Andy!! We cannot wait to see how you will continue to succeed!

Our staff of the month for February, 2019 is Mr. Jarles Florez! Mr. Florez is a TA in one of our middle school classrooms. Mr. Florez started working with our program in December 2018 after retiring from the Hartford Fire Department.  Mr. Florez has already developed a strong rapport with the students in his class.  Staff who nominated Mr. Florez for this award stated that he is very supportive and goes above and beyond expectations.  Mr. Florez has been able to quickly learn our school’s protocols and procedures. When asked about his favorite part of the job, Mr. Florez has reported that he enjoys working with the students and helping them work through their challenges.  Mr. Florez has stated that he enjoys when a student can confide in him about something that is going on in their life and he can give them advice.  Mr. Florez exemplifies our Core 4 value of transparency because he is open with other staff members and students about what he thinks and is open to asking questions when he is unsure about something.

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