Katy Miller, Education Specialist

Tell us a little about your backgrounds

I started working with special education students when I was in high school. I have always been drawn to this population of students and enjoy the challenges and be a part of successes. I decided to continue pursuing this field through college.

Katy started at Springall Academy 11 years ago as a teacher’s assistant. She received her teaching credential in 2013 and became the elementary teacher at that time. Katy has been Springall’s lead teacher since 2016.

Can you describe what a typical day is like for you at Springall?

My morning starts early prepping and preparing with my classroom assistants. As soon as the bell rings, I am with the students from the time they get off the bus to the time they go home on the bus. My day includes teaching, behavior management, emotional support, social skills and collaboration. Throughout my day, I am supporting a variety of educational and behavioral needs. I wear many hats and enjoy doing so. Each day is different and this is what keeps my job interesting.

What do you enjoy the most about coming to work each day?

What keeps me coming over the last 10 years is watching the growth of my students whether it be behaviorally or academically. I work with the youngest group in Elementary so in this time I have seen a lot of success. I enjoy working in an environment which is small, collaborative and supportive.

Can you give an example of a ‘Little Victory’ you’ve seen students achieve?

One of my students that started with me in 2nd grade could not read at all. He was placed in an intervention program upon enrollment. He struggled, which then caused behaviors. We kept consistent, provided supports and strategies as needed, and was patient with the behaviors. In result, when he transitioned to the middle school classroom at 5th grade he was placed in the general ed curriculum. His academic growth continues to this day.

What’s something important that you want people to know about Springall Academy?

Most importantly it is our population that we serve. They are very unique in their complex needs. Considering the amount of behaviors that are managed throughout the day, the students are exposed and completing academic rotations. Our rotation model allows for individualized academic supports throughout the day, which in turn creates academic success and engagement.

What’s special about the team at Springall Academy?

The Springall Team is very close and supports each other so we are better to be able to support the students. We collaborate and communicate daily.  This is the culture of our school. We laugh, we enjoy our jobs and this is felt throughout the campus.