Our High Road Hartford Primary student of the month for May is Ana! Students who win student of the month are nominated by their teachers and are selected through a voting process with the staff at the school.

Ana has worked very hard all year to improve and be successful as a student. Staff members have reported that Ana is a very hard worker, who strives to do her best in class. Ana is a very compassionate student who often looks out for the well being of her peers. Staff members have stated that Ana has been a pleasure to have in class.

When asked why she thinks she was nominated for student of the month, Ana stated that she thinks this is because she has been doing a good job following directions, ignoring negative behaviors, and staying on task. Ana has also stated that she uses coping skills like taking space and going on VTO’s when she feels herself getting upset. When asked about her favorite part of school, Ana stated that she really enjoys going on field trips and occasionally ordering food with the other blue students in our school. Ana also enjoys when she has the opportunity to play basketball and football with her staff and classmates during gym class. Ana reported that she would like to continue being successful in our program and has states that to do that she will keep doing what she is doing.

We at High Road Hartford Primary are very proud of how far Ana has come this year and we are looking forward to seeing how she will continue to grow next year. Way to go Ana!!

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