Devin Ingram is a 9th grade student at High Road Upper School. He came to us from the Lower School in September and Devin has excelled as a high school student!

Every morning Devin comes to school with a smile on his face, ready to joke with the first staff member he sees. Upper School staff describes Devin as “helpful,” “thoughtful,” “wise,” and “sweet” and say he is “always in a joyful mood.”

Devin’s his favorite subjects are Math and English and his dream is to play professional football as a running back. When Devin isn’t at school, he enjoys spending time outside with friends and playing football and basketball. Devin recollects that when he came to High Road, he was sad a lot, which made him feel angry and led him to fight with others. Devin feels he has changed a lot since coming to High Road.

Devin says he has “learned not to mess with anybody” and when people bother him he says he responds by ignoring them or taking a break with staff. Devin says he has gotten a lot of help from staff like his old teacher, Mr. Devin, his assistant teacher, Mr. Walston, and his social workers, Ms. Lauren and Ms. Klapac. “When I am doing something wrong and staff pulls me aside to talk to me about it, it really helps me to change,” says Devin. Devin’s role model is his father; Devin wants to grow up to be a caring person just like his dad.

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