What impact has Christine had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Ms. Hartwich is new to the High Road School of Hartford High team although she began her High Road career at our Primary School in 2014. When the opportunity to teach in our Transition Classroom at the High School became available, she jumped at the offer!

Why did other staff members select Christine as Staff of the Month?

Ms. Hartwich is excelling in a variety of ways in her new setting! She is the most seasoned of our teachers which allows her to be a great support to our newer teachers. Her knowledge of curriculum, reading programs and systems we utilize at High Road has been an invaluable resource. The students enjoy Ms. Hartwich’s smile, high level of energy and hands-on learning opportunities which make learning fun!

Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director of Program Development, and formerly the education director who worked with Ms Hartwich compliments her, “Christine always gives her utmost effort to help her students find success along with ensuring her peers feel supported. Christine works diligently to plan engaging and relevant lessons for her students to gain the most out of their experiences while in her classroom.”

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