What has Ana done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

Ana was nominated by her classroom staff for a vote with all of the Hartford Primary staff. Ana was chosen for many reasons. Ana has had some challenges at the start of this school year and has overcome those challenges successfully and while remaining positive and able to advocate for herself. Ana is a positive role model for the other students in her classroom and to the school. She can often be heard encouraging other students to make good choices. Ana is able to ignore negativity and focus on herself when needed. She has been working hard to earn her days and move up the level system with the ultimate goal of returning to her public school this year.

Ms. McGlone, Operations Manager, says that “Ana is very focused on doing her best this school year. From checking in quickly and efficiently each morning to being a great role model for her peers, Ana has been a pleasure to see mature and grow”

What is something Ana has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of?

Ana dealt well with a household move with her family. Additionally, she had a drop in color levels but has been able to earn her days and move right back up the level system since then. She handled her drop in levels with a new level of maturity.

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