What impact has Ms. Barnes had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Ms. Barnes has been an amazing asset to not only the staff and administration, but she has had a big impact on the students in the building. Ms. Barnes does so many activities with the students that are on level. For example, they have customized t-shirts, hung decorations around the building, created portraits to be hung around the building, and several other projects. She also is first to volunteer to take the students on Fun Fridays.

Whenever there is a special day around, Ms. Barnes is on top of it! She never forgets a birthday, anniversary, special event, or anything.

“Ms. Barnes has been a constant reminder of someone who can and will go above and beyond. The effort and determination to make High Road an enjoyable place for children to learn in and staff to teach in is unheralded. The building will not be the same without her in it. We are so lucky to have her personality integrated in the school’s culture. – Mr. Daniels, Director of High Road School of Southern Maryland

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