Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) District, looking to improve test scores through more holistic and effective PD, engaged Catapult Learning to provide job-embedded literacy coaching workshops on how K-5 teachers can apply the Science of Reading through structured literacy.

Here’s how:

Literacy scores are lower than they’ve been in decades. In fact, the National Assessment of Educational Progress long-term trend assessments showed the average reading score for 13-year-olds dropped seven points in the 2022-23 school year compared to a decade ago. Prior to the fall of 2022, the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) District in Maryland sought to change that narrative for their teachers by giving them the tools and strategies they needed to conquer these challenges.

MCPS sought to deliver literacy coaching to strengthen their K-5 teachers’ understanding of how to apply the science of reading through structured literacy in nine targeted schools. MCPS engaged with Catapult Learning to provide job-embedded coaching to address this need.

Working with Catapult Learning’s team of PD experts, MCPS enhanced their coaching plans and added specially designed two-day (summer) workshops for all 5,000 staff members. This initiative jump-started the elementary staff’s understanding of critical concepts related to structured literacy and vocabulary development—especially for Multi-lingual Learners (MLLs)—and helped set MCPS staff up for success during the new school year.

Working with our professional development team to create a tailored solution for their specific needs, MCPS chose to implement The Science of Reading, Literacy Infused with Core Instructional Practices, Phonics, and Vocabulary professional development modules in their district.

Each school and district have their own unique needs. That’s why a partnership with Catapult Learning includes tailored solutions that fit the needs of educators today while growing and evolving to meet new professional learning challenges and goals.

One for all.

At Catapult Learning, we know that your educators support all student needs. That’s why we support your educators, all the way. To help educators address a range of academic challenges—including student behavioral issues, classroom management gaps, and leadership development—we offer a comprehensive training program backed by decades of experience as educators and coaches.

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