To support the wellness of women in school leadership, Catapult Learning is proud to offer central office administrators and building leaders a complimentary 90-minute, in-person professional development workshop of your choice*, including an option from EmpowerU, our newest mental health service!

Please fill out the form below to bring a PD for up to 35 administrators to your district. You may choose one of these three topics:

 1. Supporting Educator Self-Care and Wellness

In today’s demanding educational landscape, prioritizing educator self-care and wellness is paramount. In this 90-minute professional learning opportunity, educators will delve into the crucial realm of self-care and wellness. Through evidence-based strategies, participants will explore stress management, boundary-setting, and resilience-building techniques essential for maintaining well-being in the educational arena. Key topics include identifying stressors, implementing self-care routines, and fostering a supportive school culture. Participants will craft personalized self-care plans, equipped with actionable steps for immediate implementation. By prioritizing their holistic wellness, educators will enhance their ability to serve students effectively while fostering a culture of well-being within their educational communities.

2. Promoting a Safe and Positive School Climate

Studies have found that schools can address the root causes of bullying and related forms of school violence by prioritizing the development of a positive school climate. In this session, participants will explore ways to increase trust, accountability, inclusivity, and a stronger sense of community within their school. Participants will also examine practices that promote student voice and leadership when creating a school climate in which they feel safe and supported; define a safe and positive school climate (SPSC) and identify barriers and factors that contribute to its development; determine ways to promote a SPSC that builds on existing school strengths and addresses areas for growth; and develop a sustainable action plan to promote a SPSC that begins with staff and includes concrete steps to engage students and families.

3. Building a Culture of Achievement

Having a culture of achievement requires an intentional effort by school leaders to put achievement at the focus of everything their school does. Educators in this course will examine the four domains for building a culture of achievement—climate, time, celebrations, and communication—and explore and adapt ideas and strategies to grow within each domain. Participants will analyze their current practices within the four domains for building a culture of achievement, assess their school’s strengths and areas for improvement within each of the four domains, and create an action plan for enhancing their school’s culture of achievement.

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*Must have a minimum of 15 administrative attendees and available space. 

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