Catapult Learning Philadelphia

High-Quality programs for non-public schools through ACT 89 Funding.

Catapult Learning Philadelphia

High-Quality programs for non-public schools through ACT 89 Funding.

Catapult Learning, a COGNIA accredited System of Distinction, is proud to offer ACT 89 eligible services to Philadelphia non-public schools. These programs include academic enrichment, STEM, SEL, and student well-being services.

Our in-classroom programs maximize learning time to develop critical learning skills, while our student well-being services support the whole student to develop executive function, resilience, and unlock a love for learning. Best of all, our programs are entirely turnkey and tailored to your school’s needs.

We invite you to contact us today to learn how a partnership with Catapult Learning can create brighter outcomes for all of your students.

Why Catapult Learning?

Percent of Students made gains in Reading
Percent of Parents agreed they were satisfied with Catapult Learning
Percent of Students made gains in Math
Based on end of year 2022-2023 program results for Bucks County Intermediate unit – Act 89. Over 750 students participated in this program

Featured Program: EmpowerU

Mental Health Services and Support

Resilience cannot simply be taught — it must be learned through application. EmpowerU’s data-driven programs meet students, families, and teachers where they are to provide expert support and produce lasting results without overburdening school staff.

Tier 1: We deliver teacher-led, blended, and online lessons proven to increase self-confidence, motivation, and mental wellbeing. As students learn to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors, they are ready to engage and learn. Lessons provide universal support that is equitable, positive, and consistent.

Tier 2: As soaring behavior and mental health needs outpace school capacity to meet them, districts need a partner they can trust to provide support that effectively returns students to Tier 1 instead of quickly moving them to costly interventions at Tier 3.  EmpowerU’s Tier 2 1:1 coaching program does just this without overburdening teachers and counselors.

Teacher burnout is real, but EmpowerUwas built with educators in mind. Not only does EmpowerU’s educator course lower stress for teachers, but it also supports educators in a way that fits their needs and your school schedule. Clock-hour eligible, EmpowerUcan be used for continuing education credits, providing an added reason for teachers to enroll!
EmpowerU’s family engagement program helps school districts and childcare programs equip families of PreK through grade 12 students with a structured resilience program for children and caregivers to complete together at home, boosting their self-regulation, coping skills, and calm.

With EmpowerU

  • 90% of students make pre- to post-participation goal progress
  • 91% of K-12 teachers who lead classroom EmpowerU resilience lessons recognize improvement in student self regulation
    and behaviors
  • 93% of students find the EmpowerU program helpful to their well-being

Featured Program: High-Dosage Tutoring

Our solutions work by activating existing and relevant knowledge, building prerequisite skills, and reinforcing foundational skills. Our flexible program is rooted in best-practices for core subject tutoring, and utilizes our Acceleration Framework — a research-based approach that includes:

Academic and/or social-emotional assessments pinpoint areas of strength and areas in which students need support

Using diagnostic data, our instructors create individualized academic and social-emotional learning goals to guide instruction as well as establish a baseline from which to monitor growth

Tutors provide personalized and targeted support aligned to each student’s individualized plan

Ongoing assessments to monitor progress, allowing real-time differentiation to maximize growth and achievement

Our High-Dosage Tutoring curriculum, AccelerateLiteracy and AccelerateMath, provides intensive, research-based grade-level support with a focus on high-impact prerequisite content and skills that benefits all students.

Flexible Program Design & Implementation

Funding Experts

At Catapult Learning, we don’t just provide great services, our school partnership experts help you maximize your funding channels to optimize your services and allocations. We’ll customize a solution tailored to your district and school goals, timeline, and budget while assisting district leaders in remaining compliant with federal government requirements.

We Invite You To Learn More About Our Funding Support at Virtual ESI: January 16-18 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET

Testimonial from an ACT-89 Partner

I have been the principal at Saint Ephrem Catholic School for the past ten years. Before that, I worked in the city of Philadelphia with another agency.

I have nothing but the best to say about the personnel at Catapult Learning, from the top down!

Our students flourish under the care of the counselor, curriculum specialists, and the psychologist. The professionalism of the staff members is noticeable and outstanding, in my opinion. Our classroom teachers easily resonate with them which allows for a smooth transition for students leaving the classroom during the school day.

The administrative staff is superb! There is never a need or time for discussion which does not result in great service and attention to detail.

I highly recommend Catapult Services since the monetary investment is far out shadowed by the growth of students in “Catapult care”.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to partner with such an excellent group of educators and consultants!

Principal Sister Shaun Thomas I.H.M, Saint Ephrem Catholic School

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