High School Norms & Expectations

Our Art Teacher, Ms. Keller, along with a group of students, worked diligently to brainstorm and create High School Wing wide norms and expectations. From here, they created posters under the "hash tag" theme and placed them around the High School Wing as friendly reminders to our students and staff.

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Scientific Method & Fiesta Friday

As part of his Scientific Method lesson, Mr. Hedash held a "Fiesta Friday" which required students to apply their knowledge of writing lab reports and processes of creating an experiment. Students used scale measuring instruments and conversion factors to determine exactly how many pounds of meat was required to feed the entire high school wing, staff included. Students also hypothesized how much meat and appropriate "taco accouterments" were necessary in order to create the "perfect taco."

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First Week Back for the Senators!

From the first day back for our new self-contained elementary wing. to teachers utilizing more brain breaks and academic centers to focus on special education needs everyone is excited for the new year. Each teacher has put a colorful spin on their classroom atmosphere with welcoming introductory activities and the students really enjoy them.

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End of School Year Celebration

On the last full day of school the staff helped to plan a BBQ at the end of the year. Staff prepared crafts, activities and sport rotations before and after lunch for the students.  Parents were also invited to join in on the activities and lunch.  Activities included a teacher at the grill, craft tables and lots of gym time!  Students were excited to show their parents different areas of the building and classroom.  It gave teachers and staff the opportunity to check in with parents in a relaxed setting.  Some of the students and parents had their faces [...]

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