Antique Auto Museum

Students attended a field trip to the Antique Auto Museum in Hershey, PA. Students were able to explore numerous vintage vehicle displays and interactive exhibits featuring cars, buses, motorcycles, and other automobiles from the 1890s through the 1980s. Visit our website to learn more about Capital Academy

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Big Buddy Program

The implementation of the "Big Buddy Program" began today. The purpose of the program is to pair elementary students who are doing well with a high school student who is interested in a possible career in the education field, or who simply enjoys helping the little guys. Here, elementary students are working on Desert Ecosystems with the guidance of our high school helpers.

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Thanksgiving Feast

On Tuesday, November 20th Capital Academy held a Thanksgiving Feast for students, parents, staff, and stakeholders. Our previous Chef provided the delicious food. He used to work in our school kitchen prior to becoming an independent restauranteur. Staff, parents and students were able to enjoy and meal and conversation over the two hour feast!

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Meatball Madness

As part of a Math intervention lesson, and as a Spaghetti win for positive students, Mr. Hedash's homeroom worked diligently to create meatballs from scratch. The students utilized their measurement skills to ensure the correct consistency for consumption.

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Pie to the Face!

High School students, as well as one very well behaved "little," who were on Student Government and maintained a B average for the first marking period were given the opportunity to pie a staff member of their choice in the face... twice. The main targets were Mr. King, Ms. Colatta, Ms. Smith, Mr. Bowers.

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Capital Academy takes Chocolate World

Mr. Hedash and Ms. Eisenhour took five High School students who were on Positive status and above on a field trip to Hershey Chocolate World as it correlates to a co-lesson about the History of Chocolate and the chemical change that cocoa beans undergo.

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Fire Department Visit Capital Academy

As part of October's fire prevention month activities, Capital Academy was excited to have three members of Harrisburg's Squad 8 fire station visit the school! Students from the elementary and middle school wings joined the fireman for an afternoon of fire safety lessons and exploration of a fire truck! Student's learned ways to prevent fires and what to do in an emergency. The favorite part of the afternoon was by far the tour of the truck! Students were welcomed to climb in and see what it is like to be a fireman! Many great questions were asked, including what kids [...]

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Fall Fun at Butcher’s Farm

As part of the "Senator Scribble," students who have continued to excel academically, as well as behaviorally, were taken to Butcher's Farm for a field trip. During their visit, students took notes on various types of harvesting, turkeys, and farming, as well as participated in tractor races and picked pumpkins that they will be painting during Art class. Students will review their notes upon return to Capital Academy and begin drafting their articles for the newspaper.

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