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Coaching Strategies for Teachers: 7 Smart Tips for Success

Research consistently shows that teachers, particularly new teachers, who work with instructional coaches are more likely to remain with their schools.1,2 Many schools and districts continue to be challenged with hiring and retaining qualified teachers, making it important to employ strategies to both retain and develop teachers. Coaches are increasingly being embraced by administrators and teachers who welcome the opportunity to learn from an experienced mentor. For maximum impact, coaches can employ a number of strategies in combination to keep instructors engaged throughout the coaching process. Here are our Coaching Strategies for Teacher Success: 1. Build Relationships: To break down any [...]

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How Social-Emotional Learning Can Inspire a Successful School Year

For students and teachers alike, back-to-school time can be an overwhelming experience during a typical school year – and this year is anything but typical. With new safety measures, including masks and social distancing – to keep students and teachers safe, the upcoming return to school will look and feel significantly different. It’s also a special time for students who look forward to learning, reconnecting with their friends, and sharing about their experiences from break. However, students’ reflections may look drastically different this year and include more traumatic experiences. Some students will have lost family, friends, and even teachers due to [...]

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Back-to-School Tips for K-12 Educators

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! Whether you're finishing your preparation for students to return or already a few weeks into instruction, right now is an exciting and busy time. We support over 300,000 students through 500 district partners across the country each year, and we've compiled a set of back-to-school tips from our educators we'd like to share: Welcome educators, students, and visitors to your building Set the tone for an open, friendly and accepting school culture early on in the year. Greet your teachers, staff members, students and parents each morning as they enter the school. Stand in [...]

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Back-to-School Tips for Principals (Part 2)

The new school year is well underway – and hopefully off to a great start. As the principal of your school, the tone you set in these early days serves as the foundation for the months to come. You have likely already established habits that promote an open and friendly atmosphere where your presence is welcoming and well-received. While you may be focused on offering help and guidance to your teachers and staff members and showing care and concern for your students’ wellbeing and success, it’s also critical to pay attention to collaboration and learning. This is important not just [...]

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Back-to-School Tips for Superintendents (Part 2)

The new school year is well underway. As superintendent of your district, your leadership sets the tone for how the months to come will unfold. You likely have already visited your schools and made contact with all of your principals and teachers. They know you are there to help, offering guidance and assistance any way you can. Routines such as regular sit-downs with your principals and their leadership teams and attendance at faculty meetings can establish your availability as a source of support. Now that the foundation for the year is set and internal connections are being strengthened, it’s time [...]

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Back-to-School Tips for Principals (Part 1)

It’s August at last and that means students across the country are back in the classroom. It’s a time when students anticipate new clothes, school supplies, lessons and experiences. Your faculty and staff spent a portion of their summer preparing for a great 2019-20 school year. As principal, you lead the way – listening to your team, responding to requests and creating an environment that fosters success. Through our close relationships with the principals who participate in our coaching programs, we’ve gained insight into the everyday trials and triumphs that back-to-school season can bring. Here are three tips from our [...]

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Back-to-School Tips for Superintendents (Part 1)

School is in session across the country and that means communities are coming together for the 2019-2020 academic year. Your principals, teachers and staff have already welcomed students back into the classroom. Students are reconnecting with one another and anticipating many new and exciting lessons and experiences. As superintendent, your presence is critical for establishing and maintaining the enthusiasm and momentum for the months to come. Through our close relationships with the superintendents from the districts we support – over 500 from coast to coast – we’ve gained insight into the everyday trials and triumphs that back-to-school season can bring. [...]

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[Webinar] Leverage Research and Partnerships to Succeed with Every Student!

Partnering with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Catapult Learning and Legacy Traditional Schools presented a set of actionable strategies for accessing and leveraging research and partnerships to provide high-quality special education and behavior modification to students most in need. About the Presenters Catapult Learning helps schools achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through evidence-based programs that include special education, interventions for struggling students, programming for Title I students, alternative education, school needs assessment, professional development, family support services, and autism-focused programs. Legacy Traditional Schools are public charter schools attended by more than [...]

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When your child’s education calls for a holistic approach

All students have dynamic needs, but when traditional education isn’t working for your child, it may be time to consider alternatives. Often educators look to add academic or behavioral interventions but fail to program strategies that support students’ holistic needs. When educators take a holistic approach that utilizes an individualized, multifaceted program, students can excel beyond expectations. When a student enters a Catapult Learning program, we find it imperative to get to know the student and parents/guardians and obtain a deep understand of the student’s educational history. This information allows us to customize assessments which will equip us [...]

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It’s Time to Reflect on Inclusion

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 59 children in the U.S. are on the autism spectrum. Two years earlier, that statistic was at 1 in 88 children. Despite autism spectrum disorder touching so many families, a large percentage of people don’t realize they’ve likely interacted with people with special needs. And when you consider the increasing number of individuals with autism, it is likely everyone has encountered someone on the spectrum at one time or another. April marks Autism Awareness Month, an opportunity to raise understanding about autism, beyond the statistics. It [...]

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