High Road Academy Impacts The Lives Of Special Education Students

Tim Martin and Jordan Pugh, directors at High Road Academy in Laurel, Maryland spoke with the Prince George Sentinel about their school, how the first began their careers in special education, and their passion for serving students who haven't found success in the typical classroom. “ For our students who have significant academic deficits, it is imperative that they can find and receive a free public education that meets their needs and has individualized instruction that can be provided in a small group setting with low student to teacher ratios.” The story was published by The Sentinel in Maryland. Read full article [...]

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High Road Academy Boys’ Clubs

Every month, students participate in separate boys’ and girls’ clubs. The HRA Boys’ Club is led by school counselor, Mr. Lwanga, and Officer Harris, a former HRA student and current Howard County Police Officer. The club serves as a safe, healthy space for students to discuss different aspects of social life. Officer Harris attended HRA for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade from 2001-2004 before transitioning to a less restrictive environment and graduating from his home high school. His incredible journey provides a great perspective for current HRA students. The Upper and Lower School boys always enjoy their monthly meetings [...]

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3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Recently, High Road Academy held a basketball tournament for Upper and Lower School students at the North Laurel Community Center. The tournament consisted of a 3 vs.3 player format. It was an opportunity for our students to compete and demonstrate their passion and skills on the basketball court. It was fun, competitive, high-tech. With the use of the electronic score board and announcement system, one student remarked, “It’s like being in a pro game out there.”

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Robinson Nature Center

Recently, the students in 5th, 6th and 7th grades had the opportunity to visit the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, MD. This nature education facility is situated on 18 acres of land adjacent to the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area. Students listened to nature professionals speak about the area and local wildlife species. They then hiked the center’s nature trails, providing students an experience to interact with the various plant and animal species.

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The Prince George’s Post Featured High Road Academy Co-Directors

In recognition of October being  Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, co-directors of High Road Academy, Laurel contributed to the Prince George's Post article "A Little Awareness - and Support - Goes a Long Way." Tim Martin and Jordan Pugh share, "As co-directors of the High Road Academy in Laurel, a school that serves about 70 students in grades 5 through 12 with exceptionalities including but not limited to autism and ADHD, we believe—and have seen—that every child has the ability to reach his or her full potential." Click here to read the article Credits: Published in The Prince George's Post for their October 25-31st edition. [...]

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Having Fun with STEM Projects

At the end of the day on Friday afternoon, following a rigorous and productive week of schoolwork, the students are rewarded for all of their hard work and dedication. This week the students and staff decided on fun and engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects. These subjects are often combined as a result of the vast need in the United States for workers in these fields after graduation. The High Road Academy of Laurel MD recognized these needs and found an incredible incentive-based way for students to spark an interest in how and why the things around [...]

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Our Music Club

Although the Music Club is not a full orchestra or marching band it has the heart of one. It all started with one student asking if there was anyone he could play guitar with. It just so happens that t he teacher he asked knew how to play the guitar and within a few days the first jam session was started. To start, they focused on different songs they both knew and the chords and techniques behind them. Since then the Music Club has grown to five participants. We have a drummer, two guitar players, a harmonica player and a [...]

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Kitchen Project: Speaking Our Own Language

Part of the Transition Program here at High Road Academy is running our kitchen. Each student in the senior class get a chance to assist with making and distributing meals, putting shipping orders away and maintaining a proper working space. The purpose of the kitchen program is for each of our students to get some real-life experience in working both in a team and individually. One interesting aspect which was derived from the kitchen program is the staff have developed their own language special to the High Road Kitchen. For example, one of our kitchen managers Alex said yesterday, [...]

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Celebrating 3 Years With Howard County Parks and Recreation

We are so proud to announce that High Road Academy is entering its third year in partnership with Howard County Parks and Recreation. Over 20 students have helped to maintain the parks in their community since this partnership began. The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for our students to contribute to our local community while also completing their service learning hours (in accordance with their High School Graduation Requirements). Our students engage in a number of projects throughout the county including cleanup of public areas and trails. his partnership has been extremely beneficial to our [...]

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NFL Rookie Visits High Road Academy

Recently, High Road Academy welcomed a very special visitor. Washington Redskins’ rookie offensive tackle, Kendall Calhoun, came to the school to speak with students, sign autographs, and take pictures. Calhoun was a teammate of HRA 11th-grade teacher, Mr. Murray, at the University of Cincinnati. Students were extremely excited to meet the Redskins rookie. HRA extends a very big “thank you” to Mr. Murray for arranging the visit from his former teammate, and the school is sincerely grateful to Kendall for providing the students with such a unique experience.

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