Student of the Month. Jalynn

What has Jalynn accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? While Jalynn is new to HRA enrolling on September 3rd, he has quickly demonstrated the qualities and characteristics worthy of the Student of the Month honor. Staff members frequently commend Jalynn’s work ethic and have stated that he is a pleasure to have in class. Jalynn is extremely respectful to peers and adults and is well liked by his classmates. Ms. Horter, Jalynn’s 10th-grade English teacher, shared that he is “always willing to help others, has a positive attitude, and a great sense [...]

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Staff of the Month. Ms. Jackson

What impact has Ms. Jackson had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Jackson has worked as an Assistant Teacher in our 11th-grade classroom since November 2018. Ms. Jackson has shown tremendous growth and development in her instructional skills. Ms. Jackson shared that she feels a tremendous amount of support from her colleagues. She also noted that the students display their care for her well-being and are very helpful within the classroom. Ms. Jackson has worked as an Assistant Teacher in our 11th-grade classroom since November 2018. Ms. Jackson has shown tremendous growth and development [...]

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Journey to Gold: Jared L

Jared L., 11th Grade Jared L., an 11th grader at High Road Academy, recently reached the Gold Level in the program's school-wide behavior management system. The Gold Level acknowledges when a student has reached a superb level of character and provides a model for other students to follow. We interviewed Jared to learn more about his experiences at HRA and his journey towards this accomplishment. It took me a bit longer because there was much growth that needed to happen for me to get to Gold Level status. It was challenge to [...]

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High Road Academy Impacts The Lives Of Special Education Students

Tim Martin and Jordan Pugh, directors at High Road Academy in Laurel, Maryland spoke with the Prince George Sentinel about their school, how the first began their careers in special education, and their passion for serving students who haven't found success in the typical classroom. “ For our students who have significant academic deficits, it is imperative that they can find and receive a free public education that meets their needs and has individualized instruction that can be provided in a small group setting with low student to teacher ratios.” The story was published by The Sentinel in Maryland. Read full article [...]

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Robinson Nature Center

Recently, the students in 5th, 6th and 7th grades had the opportunity to visit the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, MD. This nature education facility is situated on 18 acres of land adjacent to the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area. Students listened to nature professionals speak about the area and local wildlife species. They then hiked the center’s nature trails, providing students an experience to interact with the various plant and animal species.

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The Prince George’s Post Featured High Road Academy Co-Directors

In recognition of October being  Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, co-directors of High Road Academy, Laurel contributed to the Prince George's Post article "A Little Awareness - and Support - Goes a Long Way." Tim Martin and Jordan Pugh share, "As co-directors of the High Road Academy in Laurel, a school that serves about 70 students in grades 5 through 12 with exceptionalities including but not limited to autism and ADHD, we believe—and have seen—that every child has the ability to reach his or her full potential." Click here to read the article Credits: Published in The Prince George's Post for their October 25-31st edition. [...]

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