High Road Academy: Laurel

A Visit to The National Aquarium

Recently students in grades 5-7 were finally able to take a field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore (the trip had been rescheduled twice previously due to inclement weather). Not only were the students provided with a guided tour of the aquarium, but they also participated in a unique, hands-on experience in a marine dissecting beginners’ class instructed by a marine biologist. The students dissected squids to determine gender and learn about anatomy. When the students were initially told about the tasks, many were disgusted and nervous to participate. However, after the biologist demonstrated the tasks and the [...]

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Journey to Gold: Jared L

Jared L., 11th Grade Jared L., an 11th grader at High Road Academy, recently reached the Gold Level in the program's school-wide behavior management system. The Gold Level acknowledges when a student has reached a superb level of character and provides a model for other students to follow. We interviewed Jared to learn more about his experiences at HRA and his journey towards this accomplishment. It took me a bit longer because there was much growth that needed to happen for me to get to Gold Level status. It was challenge to [...]

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Spelling Bee 2019

This year, our 2019 Spelling Bee will take place for each grade level cluster (elementary, middle, and high school). Top 2 finishers in each bee will participate in the 2nd Annual Jalan White Regional Spelling Bee in April. Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy

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Designer Purse Bingo

Its back! Purse Bingo is our annual fundraiser. You will be playing for fabulous designer purses by Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and more! Also for sale are: 3 special bingo games, 50/50 raffle, Themed-Basket raffle, food, drinks, and snacks. No alcohol is allowed. All proceeds will benefit our Prom 2019 in May for our student population with learning disabilities. Please contact Marlena Marsh (marlena.marsh@catapultlearning.com) or Tim Martin (tim.martin@catapultlearning.com) at (301) 483-8605 for tickets and more information. Saturday, March 30, 2019 Howard L. Turner American Legion Post 276 8068 Quarterfield Road, Severn, MD 21144 [...]

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Computer Repair & Rebuild Course

As part of the High Road Academy’s Workforce Development partnership with Prince George Community College, our seniors are all participating in the Computer Rebuild Class. The classes are held at PGCC, enabling the students to get off of campus. Each program specifically helps the students learn a valuable skill and become more marketable after graduation. One student commented, “It’s great, I love being able to leave my normal day and learn something above and beyond.” The class consists of learning about basic software programs, understanding operating systems, disassembling PCs and even learning to repair common hardware problems. So far, [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month

This month is Black History Month and the Laurel High Road Academy is doing many activities to make the month for of art, education and fun. The 9th grade class lead by Ms. Hill and Ms. Robinson were inspired by some ideas online and presented the idea to some students. After a few days of working on it piece by piece, the students are proud to present their door representing what they think of Black History month. Great job students! Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy [...]

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Workforce Development Recognition Ceremony

Another year has passed and these January the eleventh grade classes have finally completed their Microsoft One training through PG Community College. The Microsoft 1 training was part of the Highroad Workforce Development program. Each student earned a certificate signifying their excellent work. They gained many new skills such as, creating their own resume, business cards and other useful organizational items! The eleventh graders were able to be recognized on campus at Prince George Community College at the Student Service Center along with other schools in the region for their efforts. Visit our website [...]

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High Road Academy Impacts The Lives Of Special Education Students

Tim Martin and Jordan Pugh, directors at High Road Academy in Laurel, Maryland spoke with the Prince George Sentinel about their school, how the first began their careers in special education, and their passion for serving students who haven't found success in the typical classroom. “ For our students who have significant academic deficits, it is imperative that they can find and receive a free public education that meets their needs and has individualized instruction that can be provided in a small group setting with low student to teacher ratios.” The story was published by The Sentinel in Maryland. Read full article [...]

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High Road Academy Boys’ Clubs

Every month, students participate in separate boys’ and girls’ clubs. The HRA Boys’ Club is led by school counselor, Mr. Lwanga, and Officer Harris, a former HRA student and current Howard County Police Officer. The club serves as a safe, healthy space for students to discuss different aspects of social life. Officer Harris attended HRA for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade from 2001-2004 before transitioning to a less restrictive environment and graduating from his home high school. His incredible journey provides a great perspective for current HRA students. The Upper and Lower School boys always enjoy their monthly meetings [...]

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3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Recently, High Road Academy held a basketball tournament for Upper and Lower School students at the North Laurel Community Center. The tournament consisted of a 3 vs.3 player format. It was an opportunity for our students to compete and demonstrate their passion and skills on the basketball court. It was fun, competitive, high-tech. With the use of the electronic score board and announcement system, one student remarked, “It’s like being in a pro game out there.”

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