International Day

The High Road Programs (IU #26) hosted the second annual International Day!  Students enjoyed hanging out with parents, experiencing the cuisine and culture of Egypt, Thailand, The Antilles, France, India and Mexico.  Each classroom selected a country or region and created a collaborative presentation for parents, administrators, and each other. Everyone had an opportunity to reflect on and learn about the diversity we are so fortunate to have in our world! Visit our website to learn more about High Road Programs at Ferguson [...]

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Staff & Student of the Month

Student of the Month Our student of the month for September is Jose Luciano! Jose is a 10th grade student in Mr. Marlon’s class who always strives to work hard both inside and outside of school. Additionally, he takes pride in our school and is always offering to help staff complete tasks, such as putting a book case together for a new classroom. Moreover, he is incredibly respectful towards both staff and his peers, and is always ensuring that others are okay, even if that means it is at his own expense. This school year, his maturity has [...]

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