Cecil Arena

Mrs. Allyson's and Mr. Eric's class got the opportunity to take their gym class on the road. They participated in a class incentive trip to Cecil Arena where they practiced multiple soccer drills and played a soccer game against each other. The goal is for our elementary students to be able to enjoy an athletic trip to the Cecil Arena on a bi-weekly schedule to allow them the chance to earn a fun and exciting, change of pace gym class. Visit our website to learn [...]

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Team Building across the Eastern Shore

On October 18th many of Maryland schools were closed for the Maryland State Education Association Conference (MSEA) in Ocean City. High Road Schools across the Eastern Shore took advantage of this day and took their learning and team building outside of the classroom. All staff came together to partake in team building activities and events. The group was separated into different teams and sent on a scavenger hunt around the area. Teams were able to work collaboratively together to accomplish goals and tasks and had some fun on the way. Teams also displayed some classroom spirit by dressing up and [...]

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Football Game

The High Road School of Wilmington & the High Road School of Cecil County got together on Wednesday, September 25th for their first flag football matchup of the season. Our flag football schedule is great incentive for our students to be successful inside the classroom in order able to participate in the games. Both schools not only showcased great athletic prowess on the field but more importantly showed great sportsmanship throughout & during the game. Thank you to all the students & staff who participated! [...]

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Staff of the Month: Mrs. Scherer

What impact has Mrs. Scherer had on colleagues on students over the past month? Allyson has had a great start to the school year. She has encouraged exemplary behavior in all of her students, and is prepared for all aspects of her day.. Why do other staff members say about working with Allyson? Allyson is supportive, prepared, helpful, and accountable. She is a great resource for her fellow staff members, and a great example of a High Road teacher. Allyson is a great example of what is expected of a High Road teacher. She is [...]

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Student of the Month: Dom

What has Dom done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Dom has showcased a positive mindset and has been an excellent role model this school year. he can be found assisting staff members and completing jobs throughout the school. Dom plans on attending Cecil Community College next fall.. What are his teachers and the staff saying about Dom? Dom is a role model for a lot of our younger students. Whether he realizes it or not, he is an upper classman and a lot of our children look up to him in the [...]

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Our New School Year

Students and staff alike are excited to be back at the High Road School of Cecil County for another school year. Students were greeted by welcoming classrooms, smiling staff members and have spent the week reviewing and establishing our routines for yet another successful school year. Our first week was capped by a Fun Friday catered by Rita's Water Ice for our Blue Level students. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Schools Jobs Are Underway

School jobs are well under way! Throughout the building, each day, you can find a number of students with the added responsibility of a school job within their daily schedule. Our jobs here at school have the added benefit of giving students important responsibilities and ownership within their school building while providing the opportunity for useful job experience. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Staff Training

Before pencils were sharpened and walls were made “Pinterest fabulous,” teachers at High Road School of Cecil County committed themselves to an intensive series of professional development called “Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction Boot Camp.” They dedicated time to learning best practices for proactively implementing a high-quality therapeutic and academic model that will meet the needs of each and every learner. This year, teachers focused upon learning new and innovative ways to implement High Leverage Practices for Special Education, the top 22 practices that the Office of Special Education recommends to effectively collaborate, assess, support social-emotional learning, and instruct. During these [...]

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Please Touch Museum Trip

The Autism Support Classroom went to visit the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, February 5th. In preparation for the trip, students practiced valuable life skills while planning an outing to Wal Mart to purchase necessary groceries to pack lunches for their field trip. While at the Please Touch Museum, students were able to engage with the new Cents and Sensibility exhibit to put the money skills they have learned in the classroom to practice. In addition to the Cents and Sensibility exhibit, students worked their way through the museum exploring the interactive exhibits with their classmates [...]

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