Blue Level Trip – Aikido Delaware Aikikai

Our first Blue Level Field Trip of the new school year took us to Aikido Delaware Aikikai. High Road students from High Road School of New Castle, Cecil County & Harford participated on the trip. They were introduced to the martial arts practice of Aikido and worked as a group practicing the new moves they were taught. The students loved it and can't wait to return in October for another round.

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Transition Program Updates – September 2018

School jobs around High Road School of Cecil County are off to a great start! Students apply for a job at school that interests them and go through a hiring process (application, interview, & training shift). This school year we started with a student flag raiser who raises & brings down the flag in front of school and students assisting with trash pickup after lunch. Additionally a student is involved with creating a shopping list, finding the items, self checkout, handle transaction and accompanies the staff to Walmart for materials needed throughout the school building. [...]

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North Bay Trip 2018

At North Bay, they taught our students to recognize how their actions affect their futures, their community, and the environment using character development and outdoors activities. The students attended two classes each day. One after breakfast and one after lunch. In these classes they did educational team-building activities using art, science and math, skills and knowledge. They learned how to build a fire, build their own shelter using branches and logs between two trees, how to identify animal bones, and learned many fun important facts about the environment. During the classes each student was given a journal to write and [...]

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Mock Interview Day

Students from 6 separate High Road Schools visited High Road School of Harford County on March 23rd for a Mock Interview Day. Students worked with their Transition Coordinators to prepare for the day, which included resume building, determining the appropriate attire, and questions for employers. Community employers donated their time and spoke to students about a range of careers including nursing, real estate, business, and education. The students also had follow-up meetings with their Transition Coordinators to go over their takeaways from the day. Thank you so much to all of you who participated and provided such helpful feedback [...]

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