Stand Up Agaisnt Bullying

To begin this school year, interpersonal skills have been a big topic of discussion for our Easton Elementary students. First, we started with the Start With Hello Project created by the Sandy Hook Promise. Our class learned how to identify when people may be feeling alone, and how we can reach out to include and show them kindness. We have also participated in Unity Day, where we discussed the difference between bullying and normal conflict with the help of Bully Dog and Conflict Cat. On this day our students dressed in orange and wore “I Stand Against Bullying” badges to [...]

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Spreading the Power of Positivity

We spread some Positive Attitude throughout Easton Middle School yesterday. As a class we learned some practices we can do to foster positive attitudes in difficult moments. One of the ones that our students liked was the positive affirmations. We each took a turn to come up with a positive affirmation: "I am adventurous", "I am generous", "I am kind". We also went around talking to the guidance office, nurses's office, the SRO's office, and the principal's office to spread our knowledge about how we can foster positive attitudes. School staff was kind enough to allow us to post [...]

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Playing the Role of Abraham Lincoln…Harley

Our first grader Harley completed a lesson about Abraham Lincoln during Social Studies class at EES. The unit “American Symbols and Heroes” taught Harley the origin of Lincoln’s famous beard and his stovepipe hat. After learning about Lincoln, Harley made the famous beard and hat and wanted to add a mustache also so he could feel “extra presidential”. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Goal Getters Update

Each Monday students create new weekly goals and review goals from the week prior. Our “Goal Getters” discuss their new goals and what they can do to help reach their goals. Skyla wants to “get to yellow” and thinks she can do this by taking a self timeout when she gets frustrated. Harley “doesn’t want to get any minuses”. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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A Fresh Start

After discussing what it means to start each day with a “fresh start” our students at EES crafted bunnies made out of washcloths. We discussed that each day when they go home, they can wash the day away and start fresh each morning. Students were asked how they cope with a difficult moment, day or bus ride home. Responses included “play with my dog”, “hug my stuffed fox” and “my mom tells me I am awesome”. Our discussion concluded with how anything that happened today can be washed away for a fresh start tomorrow and how the bunny be [...]

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Drone Flight Sequence

Antonio, a 6th grader at Easton Middle School, recently learned how to program a drone flight sequence in his PLTW class. Antonio has enjoyed this general education class so much that he has requested four other PLTW classes for his 7th grade year. PLTW provides a hands-on STEM curriculum which focuses on solving real world problems. During the drone lesson Antonio explained, “You have to code directions into an iPad, which then tells the drone what to do. You can tell it to do flips and fly around all crazy!” Students were able to fly the drones through hula-hoops [...]

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50 Days Blue

The month of March brings luck, however celebrating Michael’s 50th day on blue level is no luck, it’s well earned. Michael has worked very hard, both in his classes and in his choices, which has earned him his success on blue level.Throughout his 4 years in the High Road program, Michael has shown great improvement in his behavioral goals, and has often this year taken opportunities to be a leader for his classmates. We are so proud of the success Michael has accomplished. Keep up the great work! Visit our website to learn [...]

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100 Days Blue

Emonte reached his goal of 100 days on blue level! He has worked hard to maintain his level by completing his work and talking a self when he feels frustrated. This is his second year in our High Road classroom. Emonte says he is “very proud of himself” and hopes to make it to 150 days blue level before the end of the year. Keep up the great work! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Goal Getters

Our “goal getters” are tracking goals they have set for themselves. Each week, EES students gather their goals from the hanging file to analyze if they have achieved their goal, would like to continue with that goal, or if they think they need to create a new goal. After a discussion about the present goal, Ms. Taylor helps each student decide what the would like to do with their goal for the following week. Ms. Taylor’s “goal getters” project encourages self-motivation as well as celebrates the success of each individual student. Visit our website [...]

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