The Gumball Machine Goals Project

This month 3rd and 4th grade students at Easton Elementary School completed a project discussing what is means to have personal goals. The class talked about the importance of having goals to have something to work towards. "Gumball Machines" were created by Briahna and Makhia to highlight their goals for the new school year. Briahna wants to make new friends and reach days 100 Blue Level. Makhai wants to get all A's and wake up earlier. These are just a few of the goals these students have set for themselves.

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Positive Office Referrals

At Easton Elementary School students receive "positive office referrals" when staff notices a student doing something exceptional. Makhai is the first student this year to earn a positive referral! His general education teacher states that he completed his math test independently even though he had difficulty with some of the questions. Makhia asked for a break when he became frustrated then completed his test.

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Opening of Easton Middle School Program

We are proud to announce that the opening of the Easton Middle School program has started with many successes. Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is a difficult thing for any child; no more recess, access to more freedom yet having to adhere to more rules; just to name a couple. With the opening of our new program we have been able to support our students’ transition from elementary school to middle school while being supported through our behavior modification program and continuing the strong structure that our students need.However, our success would not be possible without the [...]

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Easton Elementary Students

The students in our classrooms at Easton Elementary love to work hard and play harder. With lots of studying and practice, 5th grader Antonio Gibbs got his first 100% on a spelling test this year! Connor Ellifritz, one of our 3rd graders, celebrated his 50th day on blue level with some cake and Social Worker Connar! We will sure miss Alana Wester, as she moves up to middle school in the fall, she is always helpful in leading the class in projects, like our homemade gingerbread houses this winter.

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Easton Elementary Students

Makhai is a second grader at Easton Elementary School. He was awarded the “Shining Star” for his grade this month. Makhai is a shining star due to his participation in Specials and his general education class. He enjoys helping his peers and always tries his best. Makhai is productive, has a good attitude, willing and keeps self to self like the “PAWS” pledge states at Easton Elementary School. Antonio is a fifth grader at Easton Elementary School. He was chosen as the classroom “Leader in Training” due to his desire to help [...]

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