Learning Coping Techniques

Students at Easton Middle School recently learned about the benefits of using deep breathing as a coping skill. They learned and discussed how being intentional about your breathing allows you to more easily control your emotions in high stress situations. When sharing about his response to anger, 6th grader Antonio said, “I try to breathe and take deep breaths but it’s hard to remember when I’m mad”. Students then practiced this new skill by controlling their breathing while paint blowing with straws in order to create abstract art. Visit our website to learn [...]

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One Shining Star – Emonte

Emonte is a 3rd grader at EES who has celebrated many successes this year. At the start of the year he became a role model for new students entering our classroom. Emonte maintained 25 consecutive school days on our highest level of the behavioral management system which enabled him to earn a hallway pass and complete errands for staff (taking attendance and picking up packages from the office). Emonte just celebrated his 50th day on Blue Level! He began going to his Science class without staff support and enjoys having recess with his class. He is the Shining Star [...]

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The students at Easton Middle have been focusing hard on one of our High Road expectations this past month. Respect is important in all areas of our lives, respect for ourselves, property, and for others. Miss Lisa and Miss Connar created an incentive based around our students having full days with all pluses on their point sheet for respect. Since it was a group effort, we waited for each student to get to 10 "respect" ice cream scoops, and we all celebrated together. It was great to encourage each other to keep our eyes on the prize, and it [...]

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Stuffed Stockings

Students at EES are celebrating the holiday season with cheer! Each student decorated and laced together a stocking to hang in the classroom. Each day, treats are added to the students’ stocking for them to take home on the last day of school. If a student has not been in Timeout, they receive at treat added to their stocking, then in the morning they can check their stocking and see their good days pay off.. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Holiday Craft Month

Each day in December, students at EES make a holiday craft. Today’s craft is homemade cinnamon ornaments. Ms. Logan and Harley are decorating his ornaments to add to his holiday bag. On the last day of school, students will take their bag home filled with homemade surprises for their families. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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A Successful First Quarter

Here at EMS (Easton Middle School), we are very proud that our students not only survived the difficult transition from elementary school to middle school, but that they also accomplished academically by making it on to Honor Roll. The boys all worked very hard during the first quarter. One of the beautiful things that we see with our students here, is that even when they have emotionally difficult moments, they turn their day around and complete their work. They do not let their negative moments ruin their day, each moment is a new one, and we embrace each moment [...]

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Easton Elementary Social Studies Project

Students in third grade “traveled” to Antarctica on their journey across the globe during Social Studies this month. Students researched different countries and dived in to experience the culture. After getting his passport stamped Makhai tasted “bannocks” which he learned were made from flour, salt and water on the ships that traveled to Antarctica. He completed a graphic organizer to research an animal found in Antarctica. Makai then created a poster on his favorite animal that he learned about – the Arctic Fox. His poster displays the three most fascinating facts he discovered about his animal. Makhai likes that [...]

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Easton Elementary Solar System Project

Students in Easton Elementary School are studying the Solar System in Science class. Each student selected a planet of their choice, researched the planet and made a poster to display their research. After students presented their projects to the class, they created a 3D model of their planet with papier-mâché. Briahna chose to complete a 3D model of Saturn and constructed the rings of Saturn and even got the details of the gas that creates a blue and brown subject on the planet. Emonte chose to research the Red planet mars. Emonte learned through his research that Mars earned [...]

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The Gumball Machine Goals Project

This month 3rd and 4th grade students at Easton Elementary School completed a project discussing what is means to have personal goals. The class talked about the importance of having goals to have something to work towards. "Gumball Machines" were created by Briahna and Makhia to highlight their goals for the new school year. Briahna wants to make new friends and reach days 100 Blue Level. Makhai wants to get all A's and wake up earlier. These are just a few of the goals these students have set for themselves.

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Positive Office Referrals

At Easton Elementary School students receive "positive office referrals" when staff notices a student doing something exceptional. Makhai is the first student this year to earn a positive referral! His general education teacher states that he completed his math test independently even though he had difficulty with some of the questions. Makhia asked for a break when he became frustrated then completed his test.

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