Student Spotlight: Loggie

Loggie, Age 5 — Kindergarten My favorite teacher is Ms. Brenna. She is nice and helps me! I am listening to my teachers and my Mom more. I like to play with the construction men during Motor Lab. It really helps to listen to your teachers. It is fun to go to the gym and play with friends.

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Student Spotlight: Leanna S.

Student Spotlight Leanna S. – 12th Grade Ms. Brianna is my favorite teacher. I have known her for a long time, and she has been very helpful. I enjoy doing all the fun activities we have and all the fun things we do. We are going to have a talent show and dance this month. I am proud of how far I have come in learning. I am also proud of how I was able to get a volunteer job at the AZ Humane Society with the help of our [...]

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Student Spotlight: Ashton G.

Student Spotlight Ashton G. – 1st Grade Ashton used a communication device to speak to us about his time at Sierra Academy and what he enjoys about school, his teachers, and classmates. I like Ms. Mya. She is the teacher assistant in my classroom. I like her because she is nice to me and we have fun. I can count to ten using my words. I am very proud of myself. I like to go into the sensory room when I need a break. It is fun going [...]

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Student Spotlight: Holanie F.

Holanie F. — 10th Grade Mrs. Brianna because she is special. She is a really fun teacher. One time, in class, I was able to fix Ms. Ashley's smartboard when 3 other teacher's didn't know how to fix it. Everyone is helpful, all of the teachers are great. I really enjoy class, but I also like volunteering off campus. At school, I really enjoyed learning how to do money math. Sierra Academy will help you!

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Meet the Team: Tyler Winterstein

Tyler Winterstein, Behavior Specialist In the morning, my role is mainly focused on transportation. Throughout the day, I work with every student and assist them on refocusing their behaviors. This can take many forms for each student, but overall I support the entire school. It's pretty simple. The kids. I truly love working with our kids. Recently, I had a student that was physically violent with other staff and causing damage to property. Through hard work by myself and our entire staff, that student's behaviors have drastically improved. they now [...]

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Learning Made Fun with Sierra Academy

NBC 12News in Arizona spoke with Lenora King, director of the Sierra Academy of Scottsdale about our staffs passion for our students, our individualized approach to education, and what's new and exciting at Sierra Academy!. “We put our kids at the forefront of everything we do." –Lenora King, director of the Sierra Academy of Scottsdale Watch the video

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Sierra Academy Featured on ABC15

Following our grand reopening in early October 2017, we were happy to be featured in a news segment on ABC15. The news featured highlights our school’s focus on helping students with autism and other learning disabilities gain social and life skills, in addition to academics, to prepare them for the real world.

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