Sierra School at Eastern: Lower School

Student of the Month: Sophia

Sophia is an exceptional student. She always goes above and beyond on her school work and is encouraging to other students. She was recently elected as co-representative for her classroom and has done amazing at being a voice for her peers. Sophia takes great pride in all that she does both in and out of the classroom and that is why she is Sierra Lower's Student of the Month! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Club Sign Ups

Sierra Lower School is starting the year's responsibility clubs. This year we are offering students a variety of options including STEM club, Community Service Club, Sports Club, Exercise Club, and many more! Our responsibility clubs give our students incentives to remain on level and to learn about a new topic. Our students are excited to start this year's club sign ups! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Student Government Elections

Our students love to be able to make decisions about their school so we encourage all students to run for our student government. Speeches give students a chance to share with their fellow classmates the changes they would make and ask for a chance to be able to represent them. It also allows students to practice their public speaking skills. After the speeches, students then vote on which candidate they think would best represent them! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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A Celebration for John John

Sierra School at Eastern welcomed former student John Almeda and his mom Vanessa Bieker to school today to celebrate him running in the upcoming Boston Marathon. We wanted to send John John off to the Boston Marathon with our support. Our students from both sites made posters and participated in table activities. The table activities showed how students with autism can struggle with school tasks. We enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, and face painting. The school also donated to John and Fly Brave, a non-profit organization started by John’s mom. Fly Brave’s mission is focused on creating employment programs for adults with autism when [...]

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Meet the Team: Jessican Whelan

Jessica Whelan, Teaching Assistant My mom is lower functioning and I have been around disabilities her whole life. It has always been my dream to work with people that have special needs. My routine is pretty consistent, focused on assisting kids in various ways throughout the day. I really enjoy teaching the students and helping them when they get frustrate throughout the day. I worked with a student last year who would display frequent physical aggression and would often attempt to leave the classroom and school. Through hard work and [...]

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Learn More About Our Staff’s Pro-Act Certification

Our dedicated staff and teachers are committed to the growth and safety of each student. Learn more about our staff’s Pro-ACT intervention certification today. We are available to answer any questions you might have about this certification.

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