Catapult Learning

for Missouri

EANS eligible mental health and professional learning services

Catapult Learning

for Missouri

EANS eligible mental health and professional learning services


Catapult Learning is excited to offer mental health and professional development educational services that empower your students and educators to maximize their potential and address learning loss, all eligible through EANS IIA funding.

We are the funding experts – having supported schools in 30+ states with applications, approvals, and delivery of EANS eligible programs. Please contact us today to learn how Catapult Learning can be the right choice for your school.

EANS IIA Applications are due November 16th – Don’t miss this opportunity. 

Catapult Learning is a 2022 Cognia System of Distinction

We’re Here for Your School!

Provide your students and educators with EANS eligible programs – provided by Catapult Learning. For assistance with your EANS application, please select “EANS Application Support“, to learn more about how Catapult Learning’s services can benefit your school – select “Schedule a Meeting” to reach our Director of School Partnerships.

Our Services

Mental Health Services and Support

Resilience cannot simply be taught — it must be learned through application. EmpowerU’s data-driven programs meet students, families, and teachers where they are to provide expert support and produce lasting results without overburdening school staff.

Tier 1: We deliver teacher-led, blended, and online lessons proven to increase self-confidence, motivation, and mental wellbeing. As students learn to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors, they are ready to engage and learn. Lessons provide universal support that is equitable, positive, and consistent.

Tier 2: As soaring behavior and mental health needs outpace school capacity to meet them, districts need a partner they can trust to provide support that effectively returns students to Tier 1 instead of quickly moving them to costly interventions at Tier 3.  EmpowerU’s Tier 2 1:1 coaching program does just this without overburdening teachers and counselors.

Teacher burnout is real, but EmpowerUwas built with educators in mind. Not only does EmpowerU’s educator course lower stress for teachers, but it also supports educators in a way that fits their needs and your school schedule. Clock-hour eligible, EmpowerUcan be used for continuing education credits, providing an added reason for teachers to enroll!
EmpowerU’s family engagement program helps school districts and childcare programs equip families of PreK through grade 12 students with a structured resilience program for children and caregivers to complete together at home, boosting their self-regulation, coping skills, and calm.

With EmpowerU

  • 90% of students make pre- to post-participation goal progress
  • 91% of K-12 teachers who lead classroom EmpowerU resilience lessons recognize improvement in student self regulation
    and behaviors
  • 93% of students find the EmpowerU program helpful to their well-being

Professional Development to Address Learning Loss

PDNow Online professional learning platform provides educators with anywhere, anytime access to world-class PD through technology that equips educators to cultivate optimal learning environments and improve student outcomes.

Equip and empower your educators by providing them with self-paced professional learning that makes an impact. PDNow offers:

  • An extensive course catalog
  • Resource library
  • Q&A with master teachers & coaches
  • Transcripts & certificates for educators

Managing and navigating negative student behaviors is critical to unlock learning in the modern classroom. PDNow provides educators with multiple packages based on developing critical skills for behavior support.

  • Executive Function and Resilience – As schools become increasingly diverse and the demands of the 21st century shift, it is imperative that educators take a “whole-child” approach to addressing the complex needs of every student.
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) – Organizing a school around a model of tiered intervention holds the promise of ensuring that all children have access to high quality instruction and behavioral support, and that struggling learners are identified, supported, and served effectively.

Enhance professional learning and set your educators up for success in delivering core subject instruction. PDNow offers 3 relevant packages for your educators:

  • Core Instructional Model – Catapult Learning’s research-based instructional model ensures that systematic, explicit instruction occurs in all classrooms and across subject areas.
  • Instructional Excellence – Engage practitioners in examining and applying best practices. Courses utilize strategies that incorporate research on adult learning, higher-order levels of application, interactive strategies for presentation and learning, collaborative learning, and constructivism, building upon prior knowledge and experience to honor the adult learner.
  • The Science of Reading – Literacy instruction based in the Science of Reading can ensure equitable practices and successful outcomes for all learners. This course package supports educators in designing and delivering instruction based on more than two decades of research in the Science of Reading.

With Catapult Learning PD

  • 92% of educators agree that the learning objectives and content they received this year are valuable to their professional learning
  • 95% of educators said they were committed to applying what they learned in the program to their instructional planning and delivery
  • 100% of leadership agree our coaches were experienced educators who support and encourage their teachers’ professional development

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