Physical and Occupational Therapy

Sometimes barriers to success are academic or economic or cultural. And sometimes they’re physical. Catapult Learning’s Physical and Occupational Therapy programs helps students fully and functionally participate within a school environment. We meet the needs identified in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individualized Service Plan (ISP) through our occupational and physical therapy services. Our therapists are credentialed to meet or exceed local requirements.

  • Services are customized to meet your school needs, preferences, and funding resources

  • We collaborate and communicate with parents and guardians, classroom teachers, and school administrators to ensure students receive the support they need to succeed

  • Our expert therapists can provide an analysis of the classroom environment, highlighting physical obstacles a student face and suggest simple solutions

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Program Benefits

Physical & Occupational Therapy programs build stronger and more inclusive learning environments by looking at the whole student and the physical environment. Our licensed health care professionals:

  • Support healthy school communities that are conducive to learning by offering services to meet broader student behavioral and learning needs

  • Consult on programs focused on functional movements such as handwriting and social skills and organize whole-school initiatives around anti-bullying and mental health

  • Identify and reduce barriers that limit student participation

  • Promote functional independence for students with significant challenges through purposeful and goal-directed activities.

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