High-Dosage Tutoring In Connecticut

To address extensive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student performance in middle school and secondary math, Catapult Learning, selected vendor in partnership with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), is proud to provide High-Impact Tutoring to recognized Connecticut schools. Designed to promote academic recovery and accelerate learning, High-Impact Tutoring has become a priority strategy as an effective, research-based method LEAs can use to optimize learning acceleration. Studies show that students who experienced learning acceleration models had better outcomes versus those who only experienced remediation.

We highly encourage the leaders within your school system and community to take advantage of this opportunity made possible through the CT High-Dosage Tutoring Grant program for Grades 6-9 with a focus on Mathematics.

All applications to participate in this program are due Friday, September 1, 2023. Apply directly or schedule a meeting below.

High-Dosage Tutoring Is:

Our Approach

Our solutions work by activating existing and relevant knowledge, building prerequisite skills, and reinforcing foundational skills. Catapult Learning’s High-Dosage Tutoring program utilizes our Acceleration Framework — a research-based approach that includes:

Academic assessments pinpoint areas of strength and areas in which students need support

Using diagnostic data, our instructors create individualized academic and social-emotional learning goals to guide instruction as well as establish a baseline from which to monitor growth

Tutors provide personalized and targeted support aligned to each student’s individualized plan

Ongoing assessments to monitor progress, allowing real-time differentiation to maximize growth and achievement

Our High-Dosage Tutoring curriculum, AccelerateLiteracy and AccelerateMath, provides intensive, research-based grade-level support with a focus on high-impact prerequisite content and skills that benefits all students.

Flexible Program Design & Implementation

Session length and frequency can be adjusted to fit your goals.

What Sets Catapult Learning Apart

With many needs and varying interests to address, the challenge of spending your federally granted resources on the right programs and services is a considerable one. Catapult Learning is here to help.

With 40+ years of experience working and partnering with 600+ school districts nationwide, Catapult Learning is fully equipped, with expertly trained specialists and plentiful resources, to support you as you navigate this process from implementation, execution, and beyond; we do the heavy lifting for you while you reap the rewards!

Check out the details below to learn more about what makes us so unique.

Catapult Learning Competitor #1 Competitor #2 Competitor #3
Delivery Mode Virtual, in person and/or hybrid; before, during, after school, and summer Virtual Only  Virtual or in person; during, and after school, and summer Virtual or in person; during and after school, and summer
Grades Supported 6th – 9th 6th – 8th 5th – 8th 6th – 9th
Integrated AchieveMath Standards Yes ✗ No ✗ No ✗ No
SEL Based Approach  Yes Yes ✗ No ✗ No
Alignment with CT Common Core  Yes Yes   Yes ✗ No

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eligible applicants include public schools (K-12), Regional Education Services Centers incorporated endowed high schools or academy, nonpublic, and private schools.

No, this program is funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE); there is no fee for your school to participate in this tutoring program.

No. Catapult Learning will hire, support, and pay all tutors.

We will hire your school staff to provide small-group tutoring and train them to deliver our script curriculum to their selective small groups, or provide recruitment support.

You can request our program via this link.

This program is flexible to suit the needs of your school with in-person, hybrid, or virtual options.
Tutors will need to meet background check requirements for the schools in which they tutor. Catapult Learning can hire both licensed and unlicensed teachers to deliver the High-Dosage Tutoring program.

Supplemental Intervention Services

High-Dosage Tutoring is most effective for at-risk students when combined with supplemental intervention services, like Catapult Learning’s AccelerateMath and AccelerateLiteracy intervention programs. Our supplemental services can lead to significant growth to close opportunity gaps over the course of a single school year.


For any questions please email or call Christine Grexa at [email protected] or 609.254.6970. You may also submit any additional inquiries using the form below.

High Dosage Tutoring CT

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