In his dual-capacity role, Reverend Nuzzi will focus on securing equitable services for students and developing programs that impact academic excellence nationally.

April 11, 2017, Camden, New Jersey – Catapult Learning, Inc. announced the hiring of the Reverend Ronald Nuzzi, Ph.D., as Executive Director of Equitable Access and Excellence. Nuzzi most recently served as a Senior Director in the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education. In his new role, Nuzzi will lead a national effort to ensure equitable services for all students attending Catholic schools. He will also work with the Catapult Learning professional development team to develop and deliver specialized programs for Catholic school leaders across the country.

“Fr. Ron Nuzzi has built a career dedicated to high quality Catholic education, as well as access to equitable services for all students,” said Steve Quattrociocchi, President of Catapult Learning’s Education Solutions Group. “His depth of knowledge and experience will further strengthen Catapult Learning’s instruction and professional development. Working together will also enable us to expand the services and support we provide to non-public school students and communities. We are excited to have Fr. Nuzzi join our executive team.”

Ordained in 1984, Nuzzi has served as a parish priest, teacher, school administrator, university professor, and retreat leader. Through nationally-held workshops, Nuzzi has provided guidance and education to leaders of Catholic schools in 49 states, and his work in the private, faith-based sector has given him a unique perspective on the moral, ethical, and religious dimensions of education. Nuzzi has also conducted studies of seminary education for bishops and consulted regularly for strategic planning, personnel, and governance issues.

As Executive Director of Equitable Access and Excellence, Nuzzi will continue this path toward improving the education of children in non-public schools.

“I am delighted to be joining the team at Catapult Learning and look forward to contributing to the highly impactful work already going on across the country,” explained Reverend Nuzzi. “I share Catapult’s passion for equality of educational opportunity; I am both enthusiastic and hopeful about our mission to support Catholic school leaders as they strive to respond to the needs of our nation’s children.”

Nuzzi will join Catapult Learning on July 1, 2017.

About Catapult Learning:  Catapult Learning, Inc. has dedicated the past four decades to providing outstanding education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for students, regardless of their learning barriers or other challenges they may face. The company’s team of 5,600 educators works to achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through research-based programs that include intervention, special education, dropout recovery, alternative school education, and professional development solutions.

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