Catapult Learning and Praxis Partner on Program to Equip New Teachers With Skills in Math Instruction and Core Competencies

Catapult Learning and Praxis Partner on Program to Equip New Teachers With Skills in Math Instruction and Core Competencies

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Easy-to-implement ‘New Teacher Math & Essentials’ professional development program empowers educators with essential skills and strategies to drive student achievement

PHILADELPHIA, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Catapult Learning, a provider of professional development solutions for educators in K-12 schools and intervention programs for students, today announced a partnership with ETS, the world’s largest, private educational and workforce research and measurement organization. Drawing on insights gleaned from ETS Praxis® elementary-mathematics test data, Catapult Learning will offer a New Teacher Math & Essentials program, designed to directly address key areas of need for new and aspiring educators, enabling them to strengthen classroom instruction with a focus on math and core competencies.

Catapult Learning used data from the Praxis math test as well as research focused on core competencies expected of new educators to develop the comprehensive program. The program is recommended for educators with fewer than five years of teaching experience as well as aspiring teachers such as paraprofessionals and emergency certified teachers, and offers refresher supports for more experienced educators.

“The latest National Assessment of Educational Progress results show a 14-point decline in math test scores, and ETS’s Praxis exam data tells us new educators struggle in key areas of math instruction,” said Jessica Petersen, general manager for professional development at Catapult Learning. “We are honored to partner with Praxis on the creation of these relevant and timely offerings that set educators up for success at a time when they are most needed.”

Through a curated multi-day instructor-led workshop focused on core competencies and math instruction, Catapult Learning’s research-based, holistic bundle will help educators start the school year strong, cultivating optimal learning environments to unlock learning potential. Additionally, Catapult Learning designed a deeper implementation, which also incorporates six months of job-embedded in-person and virtual mentorship from expert coaches to build confidence and reinforce key learnings.

To reinforce critical skills and strategies, over 10 hours of Catapult Learning’s asynchronous PDNow on-demand program are available 24/7. In addition, leaders and educators can access online learning with a focus on the Core Instructional Model and Instructional Excellence. PDNow is available free for up to 50 educators ($3,250 value) in districts that select New Teacher Math & Essentials program by March 31, 2024.

Catapult Learning offers a deep bench of more than 250 K-12 coaches, customizable workshops, and multi-day institutes with a focus on behavioral strategies and classroom management, instructional excellence, and leadership. Workshops introduce school leaders and educators to new ideas and research-based best practices, with flexible opportunities to build capacity and improve practice with in-person and online sessions.

For more information on Catapult Learning’s New Teacher Math & Essentials bundle, visit

About Catapult Learning
Catapult Learning, a division of FullBloom, provides intervention programs for students and professional development solutions for educators in K-12 schools, executed by a team of experienced coaches. Our professional development services strengthen the capacity of educators and leaders to raise and sustain student achievement. Our intervention programs support struggling learners with instruction tailored to the unique needs of each student. Across the country, Catapult Learning partners with 500+ school districts to produce positive outcomes that promote academic and professional growth. Catapult Learning is accredited by Cognia and has earned its 2022 System of Distinction honor.

About Praxis
For 75 years, ETS has been at the forefront of providing differentiated solutions, groundbreaking research, and trusted assessments that inspire learners worldwide to discover new possibilities. As part of ETS, Praxis® wholeheartedly embraces this mission by boldly reimagining the ever-evolving science and art of teaching. Driven by our commitment to advancing equity and quality, Praxis serves as a thriving hub for comprehensive teacher development. Simply put, Praxis sets the national standard for educator quality, and our resources ensure continuous learning opportunities in the classroom and beyond. At Praxis, we believe in placing learning at the heart of teaching, and we are dedicated to helping educators unlock their fullest potential.

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