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Address Today’s Issues with Holistic Professional Development Bundles.

To help educators address a range of academic challenges, we have developed best practice implementations designed to optimize classroom management, meet academic goals, and boost leadership skills – across your district.

  • Our New Teacher Math & Essentials will help your newest educators develop skills in math instruction & core competencies
  • Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies will equip educators to create optimal learning environments
  • Increase retention and create a culture of wellness with Educator Well-Being
  • Unlock learning through literacy professional development based on the Science of Reading

Implementation is as Easy as 1,2,3.

Catapult Learning Professional Development bundles each come with a carefully selected set of courses to be delivered in a 3-day institute by one of 250+ K-12 expert coaches. We also provide our asynchronous PDNow online platform with 10+ hours of learning.

Additionally, your district can add in job-embedded coaching to reinforce learning through in-person and virtual mentorship specifically tailored to your educators and leaders needs.

Instructor-Led Institutes

Professional forums bring discoveries and research-based best practices to leaders and educators.

PDNow On-Demand Platform

24/7 anytime, anywhere access to relevant content and resources extends the value of training.

Job-Embedded Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides educators real-time support and reinforces key learnings.

Tackle Today’s Classroom Issues with Catapult Learning

New Teacher Math & Essentials

Rooted in Praxis Exam Data

Fueled by ETS Praxis math data and research on new educator subject matter understanding and core competencies, we developed a comprehensive package to address key areas of need for new educators.

Empower your new elementary educators to excel through an emphasis on core competencies and math instruction.

Our New Teacher Math & Essentials Bundle:

  • Is designed exclusively with new educators, paraprofessionals, and emergency certified teachers in mind
  • Includes instructor-led workshops on Key Math Concepts and Practical Application, Classroom Management, & more
  • Come paired with our asynchronous PDNow platform to reinforce educator development through over 10 hours of online courses

Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies

Today’s students experience more disruptions to learning than ever before, and educators largely feel unequipped to manage their classrooms.

That’s why our Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies bundle, a three-day deep dive into best practices on key strategies to help students overcome non-academic barriers to success, is essential for all teachers.

Our Classroom Management & Behavior Strategies Bundle:

  • Equips teachers with the tools to create optimal learning environments
  • Includes essential courses like Effective Classroom Management, Supporting Executive Function, Helping Students Cope with Anxiety, and More
  • Come paired with our asynchronous PDNow platform to reinforce educator development through over 10 hours of online courses

Educator Well-Being

Implement a positive school culture this year through educator wellness and self-care. Catapult Learning offers a three-day wellness institute bundled with our Educator Well-Being training.

We provide educators a virtual portal to build resilience as they reconnect with their purpose through 1:1 coaching from one of our experts.

Reduce stress in your schools, increase engagement, and support your educators with Educator Well-being PD.

Our Educator Well-Being Bundle:

  • Is designed to support, engage, and inspire all educators and leaders
  • Includes instructor-led workshops on Promoting Teacher Self-Care and Wellness, Mental Health Literacy, and more
  • Come paired with EmpowerU Educator Resilience Training which includes 12+ hours of virtual resilience, self-care, and wellness training

Science of Reading

Incorporating the Science of Reading into literacy instruction is critical for academic success. Catapult Learning has nearly a decade of experience implementing literacy PD rooted in the Science of Reading and can help you develop instructional excellence for literacy.

Our Science of Reading bundle is a rapid dive into literacy that helps educators develop best practices, gain a deeper understanding of the Science of Reading, and uncover new techniques for implementing a strong literacy curriculum.

Our Science of Reading Bundle:

  • Is designed to support both literacy educators and leadership
  • Includes instructor-led courses such as Introduction to the Science of Reading, Word Study, and Reading Comprehension
  • Come paired with our asynchronous PDNow platform to reinforce educator development through over 10 hours of online courses

More than

skilled K-12 coaches

day schools and in-district classrooms that focus on behavior support

Successful professional development program implementations in more than 500 school districts nationwide