In the High Road School classroom at Lockerman Middle School, a “Student of the Week” is recognized and announced at the end of each school week. The “Student of the Week” is honored with earning a certificate, a “Free Rotation Pass”, and their name remains displayed the following week on the “Student of the Week” classroom bulletin board. This Fun Friday’s “Student of the Week” was awarded to Ma’lik for the third straight week this school year! Ma’lik earned “Student of the Week” based on being the student with the strongest point sheet lead out of the class this week.

Ma’lik is an 8th grader who has shown great progress in leadership and use of coping skills since joining High Road School. Ma’lik’s goal is to transition back full-time to the general education setting. His efforts to earn blue level points has led him to successfully increasing his time in the general education setting. Ma’lik is in the High Road School classroom for Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies and currently attends Forensic Science, 8th grade Science, Spanish, and P.E. with his general education peers!