High Road School of Hartford Primary’s Mr. Raynor Blanton has been selected as staff of the Month for November!

Through a process where all staff in the building nominate a peer who exemplifies our CORE 4 values and has been an asset to the team, Mr. Blanton received the most nominations in the building.

Mr. Blanton has been working with High Road for 6 years as a TA/ Paraprofessional. Staff members have reported that Mr. Blanton is encouraging and calm with all students and is a team player. Mr. Blanton often steps in after hours to help clean our school and also regularly makes himself available to drive students home in the school van. Mr. Blanton is also the driver for most of our school field trips.

In regards to his role at the school, Mr. Blanton reports that, as a father of 3 children he enjoys helping kids learn something new and different every day, whether it is a new coping skill, or a new academic skill. Mr. Blanton reports that one of his most rewarding experiences so far with our school was when he taught a student multiplication when they asked him how to do it. This is one of his favorite experiences because he knows that he was able to teach the student a skill that they will use and remember their whole life.
Mr. Blanton exemplifies our CORE 4 value of transparency because he is straightforward with students and staff members. Mr. Blanton also exemplifies this value because he enjoys being able to develop positive relationships with all of the students.

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