Jomari Floyd, a 6th grade student at High Road Hartford Primary School has been selected by staff to be student of the month for December!

One student from each classroom was nominated by staff and then staff members voted on which student exemplified the desired behaviors of a successful student. Jomari spent the first half the school year on blue, and continues to work hard every day to stay on blue level.  Staff members who work with Jomari say that “he is patient with other students who may be struggling” and he is “ready to admit when he makes a mistake, and will try to fix it.”  In regards to his success Jomari reports that this year he feels that he has been using his coping skills and has been working harder than he has in the past. We are proud of the strides that Jomari has shown so far this year and we are excited to see Jomari continue to excel in school.

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