Well here we are nearing the end of our second week back from winter break. The students have been able to come and settle right back into the routine. For the rest of the school year, I would like to try and make learning more fun for my students. Today we went over the scientific method in preparation for the 100th day egg drop that will take place on the 25th. The students came up with a hypothesis and figured out which materials they would need to protect the egg from breaking when dropped. During math we played math jeopardy. The students seemed to enjoy that a lot. Because they have been doing so well, we are planning our first field trip of 2019! The students loved Kids Gone Wild last time they went and decided they wanted to do it again. So they will be returning to the bounce house facility. We also have a blue level field on the 28th where they will be going to Rock and Jump. Lots to look forward to in January.

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