Anastasia McGlone, Special Education Teacher

Why did you choose this specific field?

I choose education because I realized that I enjoyed working with children and seeing their growth and those “aha” moments when they figured it out. I found my niche with Special Education when I worked with an amazing special education teacher and saw the growth among her students and it motivated me to pursue special education.

What's a day like for you at High Road School?

Each day I teach language arts, math, and science social studies and art elective. I work in small groups with my students for LA and math which allows more direct instruction. Science and social studies we do group projects and incorporate a hands-on approach with experiments and interactive notebooks.

What do you enjoy most about coming to school every day?

What I enjoy most is the students and the teachable moments, especially when they make connections across the curriculum.

Can you give an example of a ‘Little Victory’ you’ve seen a student achieve at school?

This year I have seen a reduction in student’s average time in time out since the beginning of the year until now. In addition, on the iReady diagnostic my students have increased their scores since the beginning of the year. We also have a great staff which really works as a team!

Can you describe something special about your team and the school?

We have a difficult job, but I want people to know that the kids we work with aren’t “bad” kids, they are the kids that need us the most and that’s why we are here every day. We are all here for the kids and they are our priority, even on those difficult days our students are why we are here, and we come back every day. Our team is really positive, and we watch out for one another and put the students first.