Students at the High Road School in Norwalk learned how to dramatically improve their scores on exams thanks to a visit with Professor Paul Hughes, author of “Change Your Grades, Change Your Life.” In a meeting with a group of high school students, Professor Hughes explained how and why the simple minutes a day reading exercise works.

Professor Hughes explained how repeated failure on exams can causes students to “program” their negative thoughts and beliefs about exams into repeated failure. He further explained how the reading exercise programs them for success by releasing their negative fears and emotions. Professor Hughes cited examples of how students who used the method at Norwalk Community College benefited from their success with the method.

  • A boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Avoidance of the harsh judgment of others when they were failing.
  • More choices of colleges they could apply to and careers they could pursue.

“We, at High Road School of Norwalk, use a blended classroom model where students may earn a work point for each rotation. I wrote an affirmation on an index card for each student and it worked! Not only did it change their mindset, it was a reminder of the many things they do right during the rotation instead of focusing on the possible negative.”
–Mrs. Russo, Transition Coordinator