What has Isabella done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

Isabella comes to school every day with a positive attitude and a big smile on her face as soon as she steps off the bus! Isabella has worked very hard and shown such amazing improvements. Staff reports that she has been working very hard on her schoolwork in the classroom.

Her classroom teacher Ms. Fitzgerald says, “Isabella is a pleasure to have in class and we can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes this school year.” Her school director Ms. Lindsey states, “We are all so proud of what she has accomplished, and she is a great role model for her peers.”

What is something Isabella has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of?

When asked why she thinks she was voted student of month, Isabella stated that she has been doing a good job working on work with counting and adding, listening very well to teachers and I have good friends to support me! When we asked her how she felt when she found out that she was student of the month, she said she was shocked, at first, she didn’t know what was going on but super happy and proud of herself.

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