What impact has Aimee had on colleagues and students over the past month?

We are very pleased to announce High Road School of Fairfield County staff of the month is Mrs. Russo! Mrs. Russo has worked for High Road since 2013! She is our transition coordinator for our high school students. She develops student jobs for our school. She also in our Nutrition Coordinator as well.

We asked Mrs. Russo, What is one time you felt like you made an impact with a student? She stated, “I arranged for one of our past students to speak to our current students. He spoke of his experiences, challenges, choices and consequences and intertwined within the story of his life was my name. As he spoke to the high schoolers, he pointed to me and said, “This lady. This lady right here.” Then he continued to tell them how he would be in a different place had it not been for me. Little did he know then that it wasn’t me. He is the one that took the steps. I am just the one that cleared the cobwebs on the stairs.” .

Why did other staff members select Aimee as Staff of the Month?

Staff have said that Mrs. Russo is a “staple here at our school!” Students have said “she has helped me gain confidence to work in the community.” She loves her students and wants them to succeed in and out of school and will help them out in any way to do so! She gets students involved in the community with internships and helps coach them with life skills. Ms. Russo coaches and assists new staff members as they begin to learn the roles and responsibilities in the school. She is also always helpful to every class and can be found providing support to the whole school.

“Ms. Russo goes above and beyond for all of our students. She has helped build our transition program for our high school students by getting them into the community and doing hands on projects.”

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