For this month we would like to showcase our lone Freshman Dustin B. with a short 5 question interview:

How are you enjoying your Freshman year?
Dustin B: It’s good. It started off shaky, but as time passed with help from you guys it became a lot easier.

Good glad to hear that we made the transition easier for you. Now tell us a little about yourself what are your favorite hobbies?
Dustin B: I like to do Robotics while in school, but after school and on the weekends I love to play video games!

What is your favorite subject so far this year?
Dustin B: Environmental Science! I love to learn about nature! Science was always one of my favorite subjects too.

With your Freshman Year nearing its end. What is your goal to finish the year strong?
Dustin B: What i would like to accomplish before the end of the year is getting to go to all my Gen. Ed. classes without having to go back to High Road or having a staff member with me.

What are your looking forward to for your Sophomore Year?
Dustin B: I’m really looking forward to going to Worcester Technical High School for either Wielding or Automotive Tech.

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