Crystal B. is a senior in high school, who is close to the last leg of her journey. Graduation is right around the corner and the idea of school work can be a thing of the past. From struggling with her attendance and classwork over the past few years, Crystal has come to the realization that her years of truancy affected her ability to pass her classes and gain graduation credits. Last school year Crystal’s attendance was 66% present. This year Crystal has started the year off strong with being present 91%,

Now, gaining a diploma and going to college to become a special education teacher is her focus. Crystal has become more attentive and understanding of her peers and even has a 9th grade student with Down Syndrome that she is mentoring and invites to participate with her in Fun Friday activities. Crystal is continuously learning how to express her emotions in a positive way.
With the continued help of our High Road staff and fellow classmates, Crystal will continue to soar above and beyond her own expectations!

Here’s to an outstanding senior year!

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