Our High Road Hartford Primary Staff of the month is Mr. Diaz! Every month all staff members choose another staff member to nominate and the person with the most nominations earns this award. This month, our staff nominated Mr. Diaz because he is always willing to help around the building. This is Mr. Diaz’s first year working for our program. Mr. Diaz is very patient and understanding with the students regardless of what is going on in the classroom setting. Mr. Diaz is also very organized and always helps to keep his classroom system functioning.

Mr. Diaz has stated that one of his favorite parts of working at our school is having the ability to teach students about things that they do not yet know. Mr. Diaz works with students not only on academics, but also with coping skills. One way that Mr. Diaz has felt he has made an impact is that he has on several occasions been able to de-escalate students when they are close to going to time out. Mr. Diaz patiently talks and listens to students when they are upset and is very often a voice of reason for students who are dis-regulated. Mr. Diaz enjoys teaching students new things because he likes showing them how to do things correctly. Mr. Diaz has reported that he believes he represents our Core 4 value of accountability because he holds the students accountable for their actions.