What impact has Kristen had on colleagues and students over the past month?
Mrs. Kristen is now in her entering her 5th school year and 3rd year working with Mr. Joe and the lower high school students here at the High Road School of Harford County. She runs rotations for Math and English in the mornings and teaches Service Learning and Spanish in the afternoons. Mrs. Kristen has been able to form relationships with all students built upon accountability and empathy. Over the past month, Mrs. Kristen has been an integral part of getting the 2019-2020 school year off to a fantastic start by upholding the school model both academically and behaviorally.

Why did other staff members select Kristen as Staff of the Month?
Over the past month, Mrs. Kristen has shared her personality with everyone in the building, making staff members and students comfortable with sharing their true selves.

Watching Mrs. Kristen grow both professionally and personally over the past year has been nothing short of inspiring. She has made her goals of accountability and student success a priority. Kristen has a positive impact on the culture of our program and I can’t wait to see her influence this school year.

Marc DiPasquale, Associate Director

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